Madam, your vest dropped again (MYVD)

Author: 一路烦花
Original Title: 夫人你马甲又掉了
Translator & Editor: M


[This text is single-mindedly devoted to raking up horses, female coaches, godlike masters, multiple identities, double pampering + entertaining lines + a bit of sci-fi + illogical]

Qin Ran, who grew up in the countryside since she was a child, disappeared from senior high school for a year and was suspended from school for a year.
A year later, she was received by her biological mother in Yuncheng to attend school temporarily.

The mother said: Your step-father is from a prestigious family, your big brother is a genius, your younger sister is among the top students, you mustn’t lose their faces.
Those with status in the whole of Beijing were given dire warnings secretly by the crown prince of the Cheng Family: Young master’s wife is an ordinary citizen and has no understanding of the rules of the capital…. And is bad-tempered.

Until one day, while investigating a big shot, their sister-in-law, who is known to be dumb, accidentally dropped one of her vests and was picked up by his men, then they…..fell into a coma of silence.

Note: Each chapter is super long so each will be cut into several parts. Enjoy 🙂


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