SWPF – Chapter 96: Kiss him

Seeing that Huo Jinchen was not satisfied, Lu Xing was puzzled, “Are you not satisfied yet?”

“Not satisfied.”

“I don’t want to please you anymore.” Lu Xingzhi bit her lips, her fiery eyes blazing seductively.

She didn’t want to hitch a ride with Huo Jinchen and changed her sitting position, leaving him with a back.

“Angry.” Huo Jin chen’s voice rang in Lu Xingzhi’s ears.

Lu Xingzhi ignored him. Huo Jinchen just smiled, then went to her bathroom and took a hair dryer.

Lu Xingzhi didn’t know what he was going to do. When she looked at him, he had already plugged the hairdryer into a socket on the side of the couch.

Immediately afterwards, he came to her again and picked her up directly.

Lu Xingzhi was so frightened that she hurriedly wrapped her arms around his neck, “What do you want?”

He set her down on the couch before speaking, “Blow your hair.”

“I’ll do just fine.”

“I’ll do it.” Huo Jinchen’s technique was clumsy, but gentle, fearing that he would hurt her.

Occasionally, his fingertips would brush against her tender skin. Looking at her snow-white slender neck, Huo Jinchen thought of her upcoming military training, and thought it  pity.

With such delicate skin, this little girl will surely suffer from sunburn.

It wasn’t until her hair was totally dry that Huo Jinchen set the hair dryer aside.

Sitting down beside Lu Xingzhi, he whispered, “Don’t be angry, good girl.”

“I’m not a child anymore, don’t coax me like this.” Lu Xingzhi’s voice may be weak, but it’s with a hint of airiness.

“Okay, okay, okay, you’re no longer a child.” Huo Jinchen laughed. She is being childish, how could she not be a child? Fingers played with a strand of her dark hair, “What about when I tell you that I agree to you staying at the school?”

“Really?” Only then did Lu Xingzhi look at Huo Jinchen, her eyes shining brightly as stars.

“However, I do have conditions.”

“What conditions?”

“You have to come home and stay on Friday, then go back to school on Monday.” Not wanting to displease the little girl, Huo Jinchen still conceded.

“I’m so nice, so shouldn’t you give me some rewards?” Huo Jinchen deliberately teased her.

Lu Xingzhi lowered her eyes, as if she had made a decision, two soft lips printed on Huo Jinchen’s face.

She quickly left and said: “Is this alright?”

Huo Jinchen was obviously taken by surprise by her initiative, but still far from satisfied with her kiss.

“That’s better.” Huo Jinchen clasped the back of her head and planted a searing kiss on her cherry-like, moist lips.

Lu Xingzhi blinked at him blankly, unable to utter a word. Huo Jinchen took out a string of star crystal bracelet from his pocket and fastened it on Lu Xingzhi’s wrist.

It successfully diverted her attention, “Why are you giving me another gift, you’ve only given me a set of diamond jewelry during the day!”

“I know you don’t want to wear that out.  Then wear this instead, it’s much more low-key, it’s just a star.” Huo Jinchen failed to mention that this string of crystals is worth more.

He took her hand and once again teased, “I’ve given you so much, won’t you give me something back?”

 “I’ll walk you out.”

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