SWPF – Chapter 95: He’s just naked, right?

“No … no need to look …” Lu Xingzhie didn’t dare to look at anything again, she squeezed her eyes tight. “You, you better get dressed or else you’ll catch a cold.”

“It’s still hot, and even if I don’t wear anything tonight, I won’t catch a cold.”

“What if?”

“There are no what-ifs.”

“I haven’t blown my hair yet, I’ll go back to my room and blow my hair first, I’m not feeling well and I’m afraid of catching a cold.” Lu Xingzhi finished speaking and wiggled straight out of Huo Jinchen’s arms.

She flew away from his room with alacrity.

“Haha…….” Huo Jinchen didn’t break down and burst out laughing.

Scaring his little baby in this manner is too satisfying.

Thinking of the way Lu Xingzhi’s desire to look, but dared not to, coupled with her blushing that reminds him of peach blossoms, he couldn’t help but chuckle again.

He really wants to take a bite!

He brushed his hair and changed into his pajamas.

After returning to the room next door, Lu Xingzhi poured herself a glass of water and gulped it in one go.

She calmed down before shaking her head.

“Lu Xingzhi, Lu Xingzhi, you can really counsel.” But it’s just not wearing clothes! You’re such a wimp.” Isn’t it just being naked!

What are you so shy about?

 It’s not like he’s not wearing anything.

Haven’t you seen those magazines full of male models wearing only a piece of underwear?

Lu Xingzhi patted her little flushed face. She had no time to dry her hair when a knock on her door came. 

Before her blush could die down, there stood the culprit outside the door, “Uncle, what can I do for you?”

“Won’t you invite me in?” Huo Jinchen had already changed into his nightclothes. Thinking of why Lu Xingzhi had just gone to look for him, there’s bound to be something, but he scared her away.

“Then you come in.” As soon as Lu Xingzhi stepped aside, Huo Jinchen strode inside.

It was natural to sit down on the large bed with the pink sheets in her room, in an idle, lazy and wanton posture.

“Come sit down.”

Lu Xingzhi felt as if she had stepped into his territory, and he became the master of this room.

Though, this whole house is his.

“Do you need something from me?” Lu Xingzhi went directly to the point.

“Weren’t you looking for me? Did you think of how to please me?” Huo Jinchen asked.

“What do you consider pleasing?”  Lu Xingzhi looked at Huo Jinchen with her small face, and humbly asked for advice.

“For example … you can kiss me.” Huo Jinchen bantered.

“Just a kiss can do it?” Lu Xingzhi asked frankly.

“Cough …” Huo Jinchen thought she would be shy.This possibility never actually occurred to him. He changed his posture to a more comfortable posture to relieve embarrassment. “Then you can kiss me twice.”

Before he could react, Lu Xingzhi wound her arms around Huo Jinchen’s neck, and then he quickly kissed him on the face.

“Did anyone else ever ask you to kiss as well?” Huo Jinchen asked, knowing that she was far from enlightened.

Lu Xingzhi shook her head, “No.”

“Then why kiss me?”

“You’re my fiancé, didn’t you say you were going to marry me?” Lu Xingzhi’s reply to Huo Jin Chen was half satisfied and half dissatisfied.

Another hypothesis was put forward, “What if your fiance is someone else? And he asked you to do this?”

“You’re good-looking.”

Huo Jinchen wants to cry and laugh, not expecting her to be this straightforward.

“Then beg me one more time.”

“I beg you.” Lu Xingzhi uttered the three words with all seriousness shedding the coquettishness earlier.

Huo Jinchen clenched his fists and blocked his lips, concealing his laughter.

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