LLW – Chapter 218: Xi Wu Lin Family 4

“Hahaha… You haven’t grown up enough to call anyone your lady. Do you know what even wife means? Besides, why do you care about my business? I just want to be close to her, what’s it with you?” Yao Ye laughed. The tear mole in the corner of his eye makes his face more charming.

And with his red coat fluttering, his whole person looked even more frantic.

Achen glanced coldly at Yao Ye, and finally stood up. The cold voice that sounded in the room actually suppressed Yao Ye’s frenzy a bit —

“You, you can give it a try….”

He swivelled around and left that eerie warning behind his back…

Wintry air filled the entire room.

Yao Ye’s laughter tailed off.

He looked at Achen’s departing back and an essence light flashed under his eyes.

This child….. He isn’t a simple boy!

After Achen left, Yao Ye leaned blandly on the back of the chair.

He closed his eyes deeply and his mind flashed back to the scene where he had been sealed years ago.

Time passed by, and the moment he opened his again, bloody murder blazed within them—

“Tap tap…” Outside, someone knocked on the door.

Yao Ye regrouped and put on that lazy grin again.

The door was pushed open and a figure clad in pale green figure entered.

“My lord, your journey must have been tiring, my father has sent me to bring you something to eat.”

Lin Shuangshuang explained petulantly. 

“Put it right there.” Yao Ye merely swept Lin Shuangshuang a glance and said.

“My lord, are you also from the Yuntian College?” While putting down what she had in her hands, Lin Shuangshuang asked. 

Yao Ye smiled, but remained silent.

He closed his eyes, and leaned back, presenting his enchanting angular face.

Lin Shuangshuang looked at him and was entranced at once…..

Why had she never seen such a beautiful man? She’s had the privilege of seeing the fourth man on the beauty list before, but he was nowhere near as enchanting as the one before her.

Lin Shuangshuang’s gaze was too fiery, and Yao Ye fidgeted uncomfortably, “If there’s nothing else, you can go.”

“Okay, I’ll be right out.” Lin Shuangshuang drew back her gaze with a tinge of unnatural redness flushed across her cheeks.  She took another deep look at Yao Ye before walking out.

Once outside, she went in the direction of Lin Zhi’s room.

Lin Shuangshuang knew that Lin Zhi loved her the most. As long as she wanted it, Lin Zhi would bring her it.

She now went to beg Lin Zhi to help her bridge with Yao Ye……


The night has finally fallen.

The entire Lin mansion was suddenly plunged into darkness. No one dared to turn on the lights for fear of the beasts coming.

Meanwhile, behind the Lin family’s back mountain, Elder Yang and his party had long since been standing behind.

“Are you sure the beast is here in the back mountain?” Elder Yang asked the tense Elder Lin on the side.

Elder Lin nodded, “That’s right, it’s right in this back mountain that several of our clan masters were injured-“

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