SFAM – Chapter 31.3

The last comment pulled Mi Qing back to reality.

She scrolled back and looked at Xiao Gu’s specials again, and found that although it was written that Xiao Gu was running his own Chuan Chuan Store, he did not mention which Chuan Chuan Store it was.

Mi Qing suddenly scolded Xiao Gu in his heart, why is he so stupid, what a good opportunity for publicity!

Er, but then again, it is also possible that Yu’s deliberately blocked the name of the Chuan Chuan’s store. After all, it was not Yu’s subsidiary.

She read Xiao Gu’s special for the third time, and finally stopped looking at his photo.

Boss Xiao … It turned out that he really had a higher education. And now it seems that he speaks fluently not only English but also French.

Alright, he’s tied with Rabbit gege.

But for Mi Qing, Rabbit gege is entirely on another level.

Probably, every girl has a hero complex. Others may have worshipped Superman or Qi Wutian Sun Wukong as a child, but her hero has always been Rabbit gege, who wore rabbit ears and fell down from the sky.

She turned off the computer and lay down on the bed in a somewhat inextricable mood.

The next day was December 24, the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve.

Although the Chuan Chuan store is operated with a classic ambience, they also adorned a small Christmas tree at the door, and even Xiao Dezi donned a Christmas hat and handed candy to the guests.

Yesterday, Yu’s special edition was probably read by many people, but not everyone. Today, the edition swept the store from the endless praises of those who knew about it.

This whole day, not only the shop assistants were going crazy about Boss Xiao, but also the customers who entered the shop. They are constantly gossiping about Boss Xiao. What Mi Qing heard the most was that the community has produced a Ding Meng, and now, here comes another Xiao Gu. They indeed are their pride.

Landlords including tenants in this neighborhood feel that rents should be increased appropriately.

However, the subject they gossiped about never made an appearance, and even Mi Qing did not catch a shadow of him. Today, the shop is particularly busy. She was too lazy to run home when she had a rest in the afternoon and slept directly in the lounge.

In the evening, it was too late when work ended at 10:30. Mi Qing changed back to her down jacket and walked back alone.

 The temperature at night was very low. Mi Qing trotted all the way back. As soon as she walked to the gate of Nancheng Garden, she saw Xiao Gu leading his dog out.

She jogged to catch up with him and asked, “Where are you going so late?”

Xiao Gu said, “To pick you up.”

 Mi Qing froze, to pick her up? Would he be so kind?

“Why do I get the feeling  that wolves give chickens New year greetings?” Mi Qing stared at him suspiciously. Xiao Gu dissolved into laughter, looking at her and saying, “It’s past ten thirty, and you haven’t returned yet. As the landlord and boss, I have an obligation to come and ensure your safety.”

Mi Qing laughed happily: “I didn’t see you coming out to pick me up when I had to return at eleven before.”

Xiao Gu paused and said: “If you work overtime later, call me.”


 “I’ll pick you up.”

Mi Qing’s gaze was even more suspicious. She even went to test the temperature on his forehead: “Are you feverish?”

Xiao Gu turned around somewhat at a loss, and pulled Husky back: “Let’s head back.”

 Mi Qing followed him and walked back silently. Xiao Gu made a special trip to run down to pick her up. This was so abnormal, it was almost like chasing her.

Alas, chasing her? Is he courting her?

The thought of it made Ming Qing blush.

Xiao Gu, who was walking in front, stopped suddenly and looked back at her. “What are you doing? Walk faster.”

Mi Qing: “…”

Would he court someone with such a bad attitude? Hahaha.

Husky barked at her twice, and Mi Qing decided to give the dog a face. She took two steps forward, and went to stand side by side with Xiao Gu.

She only reached Xiao Gu’s shoulder, and she needed to raise her head slightly to see his face. She stole a glance at him quickly, then stared at the light shadows of the two under the street light.

The two walked all the way home so quietly. Mi Qing had planned to bathe and go to bed, but was suddenly stopped by Xiao Gu: “Wait.”

“What’s the matter?” Mi Qing stopped and turned around to face him.

Xiao Gu picked up a beautifully packed red apple from the table and handed it to Mi Qing: “This is for you.”

A multitude of thoughts flashed in Mi Qing’s mind, and the last that stuck was —

This is the poisoned apple that the Queen gave to Snow White.

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