SWPF – Chapter 94: Did the beauty come out of the bath and get seduced?

“Please me more first.” Huo Jinchen felt her so soft that he wrapped his arms around her body.

“How can I please you?” Lu Xingzhi couldn’t think of anything, Huo Jinchen didn’t lack anything.

“Think about it yourself.”

“Then I’ll think about it.” Lu Xingzhi pursed her lips and stopped talking, thinking about what to do that can be considered pleasing.

She couldn’t come up with anything even until they’d reached the villa. But when she was about to enter her room, she froze.

 Huo Jinchen was amused and asked, “Have you thought of it?”

“Not really.”

Huo Jinchen stroked her head, “Then keep thinking, no rush.”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

Why shouldn’t she hurry, school starts tomorrow.

She went back to her room and took a warm shower. With hair still wet, she casually wrapped it in a towel and went to look for Huo Jinchen.

After knocking on his door, and hearing a low “coming in”, Lu Xingzhi pushed the door open.

She only took a few steps and was left goggle-eyed. 

Then she quickly covered her eyes. 

She stammered in an attempt to explain, “I have … I have … knocked on “Hmm.”

“I had to … get … your … permission to … come in.”


There was no hint of anger in Huo Jinchen’s voice, so Lu Xingzhi carefully spread her fingers and peeked through them.

Because he had just taken a bath, Huo Jinchen’s was only wrapped in a bath towel. His hair was still wet and not blow-dried.

Droplets of water dripped down his face, sliding all the way down.

Lu Xingzhi stared at his abs, but couldn’t tell exactly how many of them, they are sexy anyway.

He’s just blessed by the heavens!

His face and figure was akin to a crafted sculpture of his maker, she couldn’t pick a single fault, no matter from which angle she looks.

The beauty just came out of the bath and the thick hormones soared to their highest point at this moment.

Lu Xingzhi stared awed, then gulped slobberlessly.

She recovered after a while only to find that Huo Jinchen had arrived at her heels at some point.

She staggered in retreat and the back of her head hit the wall with a “thud”; her eyes were giddy with pain.

Huo Jinchen wrapped his arm around her with one hand and rubbed her head with the other, “Why aren’t you careful, don’t you watch your steps?”

“I’m watching my steps.” Lu Xingzhi croaked guiltily.

“Really? I thought you were ogling me.” As if seeing the smile in Huo Jincheng’s eyes, Lu Xingzhi hurriedly put her fingers together again and covered her eyes tightly.

“I…I didn’t see anything.” Covering her ears whilst stealing a bell, then saying 300 taels are not hidden here.

Lu Xingzhi’s face was in flames, it looked like it had been roasted by fire.

“Is that right? What are you doing in my room? Seduce me?” Huo Jinchen naturally knew that this was not the case, it was just that, his sense of mischief suddenly made an appearance. 

“No, no, no……..” Lu Xingzhi shook her head vigorously, “I know myself very well. You are like a heavenly god, while I’m merely a mortal, I wouldn’t dare blaspheme.”

Then whispered another, “I was more or less seduced by you.”

The grin on Huo Jinche’s face rose higher. He loomed closer and envelop her in a pin wall pose, “Is that right? Have I enticed you?”

“No …” Lu Xingzhi clung tightly to the wall, not daring to move.

“That’s not enough effort on my part, would you like to look more closely? Huh?” Huo Jinchen’s breath pounced directly on Lu Xingzhi, and the burning breath forced her cheeks to burn.

Even her breath became disordered.

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