SFAM – Chapter 31.2

After the picture was refreshed, Xiao Gu’s face appeared in the most conspicuous position, and Mi Qing’s mobile phone almost hit her own face.

Her eyes widened in disbelief and looked at it carefully. The title of the Christmas effect read “Christmas special! Yu’s specially invited chef, Xiao Gu!”.

Mi Qing: “…”

She suddenly felt as if the world had become a black mystery.

She put her phone down, crawled out of the bed, and relogged on Weibo on her computer. She opened the big picture again, it was still Xiao Gu’s familiar handsome face, but just bigger than earlier.

Although Xiao Gu runs a restaurant, she has never seen Xiao Gu don a chef’s coat. If he were to put on a French chef’s uniform at this moment … Well, did she accuse him of being uneducated before?

Mi Qing rubbed her eyes and read the article intently.

The beginning of the interview was naturally the introduction of Xiao Gu’s basic information. He graduated from the Department of Finance of Beijing University at the age of 20, and then went to France to study Western cuisine. He studied under the great master Leslie, his only Chinese student and one of his most successful protégés.

If Xiao Gu had continued developing in the western food industry, his fame would have certainly equalled the highly sought-after pastry prince Lin Che, but unfortunately, he only stayed in France for three years and returned to China.

Mi Qing: “…”

How could this be… it’s like a roller coaster ride in life.

She thought that Xiao Gu must have a reason for going abroad and returning home, but she’s not interested in dwelling in that subject for now, and so she read on.

The special edition featured several of Xiao Gu’s most popular dishes, as well as photos of him studying and working in a three star French restaurant, and finally, two photos of him were displayed at the end.

After Mi Qing read the Xiao Gu special edition from beginning to end, she fell into a long silence. She browsed down on the comments in a daze, intending to calm down.

“Damn, oh damn, he’s drop-dead gorgeous! I haven’t even read the content yet!”

“Yu’s chef has shot up to a new height again. [lol cry] I now have this niggling suspicion that Yu’s HR manager is Yan Kong [lol cry]”

“Graduated from the Department of Finance at Beijing University at the age of 20 … Now being a chef not only requires a height of 180, but also an IQ of 180 [smile]”

“Students of the Department of Finance of Imperial College are here. I just want to say that our school’s curriculum is perverted, granted that you are not a repeater. [Doge]”

“The Department of Finance is originally one of the trump cards of Beijing University, as well as science and engineering.”

“Wait, why are we discussing finance and science and engineering in a food special [dying with laughter] I just want to ask when this handsome guy is going to appear at Yu’s, please package him into a Christmas gift for me :)”

“Why need a special invitation! Signing him up is out of the question! As a Platinum member of Yu’s, I think I have the right to make this request [doge]”

“Isn’t this Boss Xiao !!!!!!”

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