SWPF – Chapter 93: Coquettish Zhizhi

She said with uncertainty, “It’s booked. They will send me the address, but I don’t know where yet.”

Huo Jinchen’s darkened gaze swept over her, and then his eyes fell on his fingers.

“That’s okay, I’ll drop you off tomorrow.”

Lu Xingzhi swallowed the piece of lamb and blinked her eyes in satisfaction, “Don’t you have to work? I can go there myself.”

“It’s not as important as you.” Huo Jinchen cut another piece of lamb for Lu Xingzhi. Seeing her eat savoring it, he asked, “Is it good?”


“Jin Chen, why don’t we see you slicing some meat for us too! Oh, my! Look at you, you’re acting like a servant.” Qin Shihuai could not believe his eyes, this degree of attentiveness had never been seen before.

“I’d love to.” Huo Jinchen ignored him and continued serving Lu Xingzhi. 

“Xiao Zhi, I’ve been teasing you guys so much, but why don’t you give any response?” Bored with Huo Jinchen, Qin Shuai changed target to Lu Xingzhi again.

Lu Xingzhi looked up at him, “I was born cheeky and with selective hearing loss.”

“Pu…” Qin Shihuai stabbed once more, but still found humor in her answer. “It’s a wonderful skill. Let me learn it too. The next time my mom forces me to find a girlfriend or something, I’ll just use it.”

“So, Xiao Zhi, school is starting tomorrow, will you be staying at school or at home?” Mo Jinyan had deliberately asked. He could tell from the way the two got along that their relationship was still platonic.

“I want to live at school.” Lu Xingzhi’s answer was obviously uncertain.

She had talked about it with Huo Jinchen, but he didn’t agree.

 “Oh!” Mo Jinyan replied meaningfully. “It’s still much more convenient to live at home, Jinchen has many apartments in the city anyway. There is also one near your school.”

“Yeah, he’s rich!” Lu Xingzhi didn’t want to calculate how much an apartment costs in downtown capital and how much was at the vicinity of the school district.

In any case, she thinks that without her rich fiance, she probably wouldn’t be able to earn enough money to buy a house over a hundred square feet in the capital in her entire life.

“That’s right.” Huo Jinchen confirmed. 

Lu Xingzhi: “….”

After eating, Huo Jinchen took Lu Xingzhi back.

On the way back, Lu Xingzhi tried to convince Huo Jinchen, “Uncle, I want to live in the school.”

“No way.”

“Uncle …” Lu Xingzhi pulled the sleeves of Huo Jinchen’s shirt, “Please!”

Huo Jinchen delighted in Lu Xingzhi’s coquetry, as well as the innocent pleading in her big eyes. 

With her like this, he really couldn’t say no.

It is as his refusal was heinous. 

“Please?” Lu Xingzhi’s pleading turned soft as a little milk kitten, while tugging at his shirt gently.

Huo Jinchen’s throat knot rolled up and down, “Don’t you like living at home? Or do you hate me so much you don’t want to see me?”

 “No.” Lu Xingzhi shook her head, “I just don’t want to be special, Xixi said she will live in the school too.”

“She just wants to go out. But her family lives nearby and she must be home on weekends.” Huo Jinchen has never known He Lian Xi to get along well with others. 

However, this little girl in his family is different. She looks so stunning and should not be bullied by her classmates.

“Uncle…….just promise me!” Lu Xingzhi pouted with her small, red mouth, like a freshly picked strawberry, which made someone unable to resist wanting to taste it.

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