SFAM – Chapter 31.1

Chapter 31: 19.30

Mi Qing’s face blushed subtly, and then feigned looking daggers at Xiao Gu: “You’ve got no shame.”

Xiao Gu returned sporting a junky smile: “Why should I be ashamed?”

Mi Qing reiterated coldly: “Shameless.”

Xiao Gu raised his eyebrows: “Is this what you call shameless? You must have never seen the world before.”

Mi Qing: “…”

She buried her head low and began to eat silently. Sure enough, the old teaching of not talking while eating and not talking while sleeping is wise.

She shut her mouth, but Xiao Gu couldn’t rest. He looked at the person sitting opposite and asked, “That Zhou Yiran, what good is he other than saving you as a kid?”

Speaking of Rabbit gege, Mi Qing has too many things to praise: “He is handsome and gentle, and he is smart. He often takes first place in exams and plays the piano very well. In college, he scored the highest and was favored by a lot of masters since his enrollment, oh yes, he has also held several concerts abroad.

Every time she added one more, Xiao Gu’s face progressively darkened grimly. When she stopped, Xiao Gu calmly said, “It’s more like you glorifying his image in your heart.”

To put it succinctly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the beholder doesn’t recognize them as a couple.

Hearing a slur for his Rabbit gege, Mi Qing retorted in displeasure, “How did I glorify him? Everything I said is true.” She wrinkled her nose and muttered under her breath, “At least, he’s better than you.”

Although her voice was very low, Xiao Gu heard it. The corner of his eyes jumped and his face turned darker than before: “Where is he better than me?”

In his heart, Xiao Gu compared every word of praise Mi Qing sketched on top of Zhou Yiran: he looks handsome, he is also very handsome; gentle, he thinks that he has been gentle with Mi Qing; smart, he has never missed the top on every major test since he was young; he plays the piano well, he cooks well …

Before he could finish his internal comparison, Mi Qing answered, “At least he has a higher educational degree than you.” Rabbit gege is a university graduate at one of the top French music schools, and is also an internationally renowned master.

Xiao Gu: “…”

Xiao Gu wasn’t in the mood to clarify any further. Mi Qing saw him bow his head and ate in silence, thinking that he must be ashamed of himself.

Mi Qing, who felt that she had scored a point, finished her meal in a good mood, and was even more motivated to wash dishes than usual.

She returned to her room after washing the dishes. Xiao Gu teased the dog for a while in the living room and made a call in his room.

“I’m certain the last salary has been settled with you.” A depressed voice came from the earpiece. Xiao Gu groaned and said, “The interview from one of your staff in the marketing department, I’ll agree to it.”

Yu Yi hesitated for a moment, and after a while his voice sounded in the earpiece again: “I’m a little curious why.”

Xiao Gu laughed in disdain: “Lest someone would always think that I haven’t graduated from high school.”

This time, the baritone on the other side was lost for words than earlier: “Are you in a relationship?”

Xiao Gu said: “You are all married, am I not on the age to love yet?”

Yu Yi chuckled: “I will notify the marketing department to contact you.”

The people in the marketing department were very efficient. They scheduled an appointment with Xiao Gu for the interview the next day. They also wrote the interview draft and scheduled the release on Christmas Eve. They wrote articles about the interview and posted it on their official account on Weibo.

Yu’s official website on Weibo is a big V, with more than 10 million fans. Mi Qing is one of them.

In addition to the official announcements of the new products of Yu Stores, their official website will also regularly release gourmet or chef specials. Mi Qing saved them for later viewing, and would brush them in her free time.

As soon as she refreshed the site today, she saw the latest issue of the official website. In order to echo the Christmas atmosphere, the layout of the issue was also sparkling with Christmas flavor, and Mi Qing clicked on the big picture with great interest.

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