SWPF – Chapter 92: Interview

It must have been because of what He Lian Xi had been chanting all day, and his mother’s words just now.

He must be going crazy for having such bizarre thoughts.

He might as well hurry up and take a shower and get a good night’s sleep!

As for Lu Xingzhi, after arriving at Qin Shihuai farm with Huo Jinchen, she received an unexpected call.

It was the principal of her high school who called her.

“Is this student Lu Xingzhi? This is Principal Yao, the principal of Yizhou First Middle School.”

Lu Xingzhi froze, “Principal? Is there something I can help you with?”

“Yes, classmate Xingzhi. For a long time, the outside world wanted to interview the liberal arts champion in the college entrance examination. I know you rejected it. But this is the glory of our school! So, can you reconsider an interview?”

Principal Yao is very fond of this student. After all, no teacher nor principal would hated such a student with both good character and academics.

Besides, she’s the national liberal arts champion!

It’s also helpful for their school’s promotion rate.

“I’m sorry, Principal, I don’t really want to….”

Before Lu Xingzhi could finish her refusal, the principal said, “30000, if you take the interview, our school will give you a scholarship worth thirty thousand.”


Lu Xingzhi raised a brow, and suddenly smiled slyly, “Principal, it’s not about the money, it’s mostly because I don’t really want the exposure.”

“50,000 yuan scholarship, 50,000 yuan. Xingzhi, you see, you also came out of the school, so contributing to the school is only right, don’t you agree?” Principal Yao persuaded kindly.

“You’re right, the point is, I can also give back to the school after I work.”

“80,000, that’s the ceiling. This matter is not only from the school side, but also from the city leaders and the Education Bureau, Xing Zhi classmate…” The principal rambled on again.

“But I’m not in the city now, I’m in the capital.”

“We already know this. Don’t worry, this is not a problem.”

“Alright, but I can’t be asked to answer the questions as you all want.”

“This girl, you see….fine! All right!” The principal agreed, otherwise, the girl will backoff. 

After three years of dealing with her, he’s gotten to know the kid.

She’s fond of money, but she still got principles.

If he doesn’t agree, there are plenty of schools out there who would want to rob this kid.

After Lu Xingzhi hung up the phone, she returned to Huo Jinchen side and sat down.

“What’s up? Who called that you’re in such a good mood?” Huo Jin Chen didn’t really want to ask who it was, he just casually said so.

“It was the principal in high school.”

 “What’s wrong?”

“To send me money.” Lu Xingzhi smiled brightly at him.

Huo Jinchen raised an eyebrow in askance.

“He was asking for an interview. I really didn’t want to, but there’s a prize money of 80,000 yuan.” Lu Xingzhi was thinking, if the money came earlier, maybe …

“Our family’s Zhizhi is great. When is it? You’ll be reporting to school tomorrow.” Huo Jinchen didn’t take the 80,000 seriously, but he must encourage Lu Xingzhi to give her more confidence.

“Tomorrow morning, before going to school. The principal said it wouldn’t take long.”

“Have they booked a place?” Huo Jinchen asked, but he was slicing a piece in his hands and fed it into her mouth.

Lu Xingzhi didn’t shy away. She bit it down, licking the tip of Huo Jinchen’s fingers unintentionally.

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