SFAM – Chapter 30.3

Xiao Gu frowned in bemusement, seeming a little confused: “Rabbit gege? Isn’t he your hero?”

“Huh, I’m too lazy to tell you.” Mi Qing ignored him and hoisted her gift to her room.

Back in the room, she didn’t even open the gift box and instead turned her computer without delay. Fortunately, her computer was newly bought after returning to China, and so it turned on in seconds.

She is a collector on Y’s official website. She quickly logged in, found the lucky bag link, only to see the huge “sold out” pop up on the screen.

Mi Qing: “…”

Again, she was one step late again.

She scrolled the mouse down to check the details of this year’s lucky bag. A total of 2,000 items were sold online. The contents of the lucky bag were not disclosed, but it was stated that they contained at least one coat, one sweater, one skirt and one dress.

Mi Qing’s heart is bleeding. Y’s prices are all criminal. Usually, 2000 yuan can buy at least one of the cheapest collections. But this year, there were actually four items in the lucky bags and all at a cost of 1280 yuan….. They are all gone.

She lay on the computer desk and felt that she could burst into tears if she blinked.

When Xiao Gu came to knock on her door, what he saw was her crestfallen look.

“What are you doing?” He leaned against the door and asked Mi Qing from behind.

Mi Qing turned around, and whispered, with sorrow and bitterness palpable in her eyes: “Bunny’s lucky bag is sold out …”

Xiao Gu glanced at her computer screen and couldn’t help snorting: “That’s it? I thought the stock market had fallen.”

Mi Qing: “…”

“What do you know!” Mi Qing snapped angrily, “This is a lot more terrible than a plunge in the stock market! Because I don’t buy stocks!”

Xiao Gu: “…”

That makes sense.

“Since it’s sold out, do you want to buy it …”

“Don’t even think about it!” Before Xiao Gu’s words were finished, she was interrupted by Mi Qing.

 Xiao Gu chuckled at her outburst and asked, “Did you have dinner? I made frozen scallops with vegetables, filet mignon with foie gras, and vegetable soup.”

Mi Qing was battered by the loss on the lucky bag, but recovered at a speed that was visible to the naked eye: “Is it free?”

Xiao Gu smirked, turned and walked out: “You are responsible for washing dishes.”

She only needs to wash a few bowls to savor Xiao Gu’s homemade dinner, this is quite a good deal for Mi Qing.

She sat at the table, eating a spoonful of vegetables, and chewing happily. Xiao Gu’s craftsmanship is really beyond measure.

“Tell me honestly, what did you do before? Why are your food so delicious?” Mi Qing rested the spoon on the corner of her mouth, and stared at Xiao Gu curiously as a baby.

Xiao Gu raised his eyes and looked at her: “Want to know?”

Mi Qing nodded.

Xiao Gu lured, “Then tell me what you did today.”

Mi Qing frowned, baffled at his question, but briefly summarized: “Eat dessert, had lunch, and went to the aquarium.”

Inspector Xiao: “Why didn’t you have dinner?” He’s certain that Zhou Yiran must have planned a whole day’s trip.

Mi Qing replied: “Because I was in a hurry to come back and buy a lucky bag.”

Xiao Gu: “…”

He suddenly felt sympathy for Zhou Yiran.

“It’s your turn.” Mi Qing urged him, “How do you make things so delicious?”

Xiao Gu said, “Because I have studied it.”

Mi Qing: “…”

Isn’t this perfunctory? She bit the spoon at the corner of her mouth, looked at the vegetables on the plate, and found another question: “Why did you prepare a serving for two? How did you know I’ll be back?”

“I don’t know.” Looking up at her, Xiao Gu quipped. “It looks like our hearts are destined.”

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