SFAM – Chapter 27.3

Zhou Yiran finally was unable to resist bursting in laughter: “If you weren’t Mi Qing, why did you run when you saw me?”

Mi Qing: “…”

This was the big flaw.

She buried her head down and refused to answer. A rider on the side of the road rode past her with a loud. Zhou Yiran grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the side of the road.

“I heard that you were ill, so you never showed up. I didn’t expect you to come to City A.” He looked at her head and softly asked, “What happened?”

Mi Qing pursed her lips. Even if she insists that she is not Mi Qing, he would not believe it anyway. Since the cat is out of the bag, she also had no reason to conceal: “I was forced to marry so I ran away from home.”

She kept her head down while talking, and although she decided to break the jar, she was afraid to look at him.

Zhou Yiran froze for a moment, apparently finding it a surprise that the truth was actually like this. At first, he thought that it was Mi Qing who was in her tantrums again, and deliberately had a conflict with her family.

He stayed silent for a while before asking: “Have you talked to your parents about it?”

Mi Qing nodded: “Yes, but my dad didn’t want to listen at all. He has always been determined, and what he has decided, others cannot say no.”

Zhou Yiran looked at her and his eyes became softer than before. He reached out and rubbed her head: “Who do they want you to marry?”

Mi Qing lips flattened into a thin line: “I don’t remember the name, perhaps the Song family.”

Zhou Yiran asked in amusement, “Why do you keep your head down, don’t you want to see me?”

“No!” Mi Qing glanced up at him in an instant, and then buried her head quickly after, embarrassed to meet his gaze, “It’s just that I look terrible now, I really don’t want to let you see me like this …”

When she was in the private room just now, she would have jumped without hesitation if there was a seam.

The corner of Zhou Yiran’s lips rose higher. He deliberately lowered his voice and said, “No, you look so cute now.”

Mi Qing’s eyes flickered twice. She raised her head hesitantly to glance at him. Oh no, Rabbit gege is too gentle …

Now that she has finally raised her head, Zhou Yiran beamed at her: “Where are you staying now?”

Mi Qing answered: “At Xiao Gu’s house, I rented a room from him.”

Zhou Yiran frowned invisibly, and raised a warm smile at her: “I will be staying in City A for some time. You should move in with me, I will not collect rent.”

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