SFAM – Chapter 27.2

“By the way, since you’re here. Help me with these plenty of orders. I can’t prepare them all. You can also help me bring them in.” Chen Shishi said, and handed a heavy tray to Mi Qing.

Mi Qing was stuffed with a tray of vegetables and followed Chen Shishi back to the No. 18 room: “Is he alone? Didn’t he bring his girlfriend?”

“Nonsense, he has no girlfriend!” Chen Shishi glared back at Mi Qing, and turned her head as if reminded of something. “But there seems to be another person. I didn’t notice carefully.”

Mi Qing laughed: “Oh, I know, you can only see Gu Xin in your eyes.”

Chen Shishi giggled hahaha: “The main reason is that he has always had this halo all over his body.”

Mi Qing especially wanted to roll her eyes, but she had already arrived at the door of the private room, and so managed to suppress this desire.

“Excuse me, sorry to bother you again.” Chen Shishi opened the door with a smile and walked in. Mi Qing followed her, glanced at Gu Xin, and put the vegetables on the shelf on the table.

When she bent down, her gaze hit the guest sitting there, and she suddenly froze, thinking that she must be having an illusion.

Zhou Yiran turned his head slightly, and met her gaze. A hint of surprise flickered in his eyes, and he called with uncertainty, “Mi Qing?”

Gu Xin and Chen Shishi both turned to look at them. Mi Qing’s eyelashes trembled like the helpless fledgling newborn chick.

“I’m sorry, you’re mistaken.” She dropped the word, and quickly turned and ran out. 

Zhou Yiran stood up and chased after her subconsciously: “Wait.”

When Mi Qing sprinted to the entrance of the stairs, she passed by Xiao Gu,  who also came up. Xiao Gu looked back at her running downstairs and frowned inadvertently.

“Mi Qing!” Zhou Yiran also came running down the stairs, with Mi Qing’s name in his mouth.

Xiao Gu grabbed Zhou Yiran by the arm and stopped him in trying to catch up with her, “What are you doing?”

Zhou Yiran frowned and stopped to look at Xiao Gu: “Should I be the one asking you? Who are you?”

Xiao Gu said: “The boss here, Xiao Gu.”

Zhou Yiran’s eyes flashed and asked, “You are Gu Xin’s cousin?” He sized up Xiao Gu twice and shook his hand out of his grasp. “Sorry, I’m in a bit of a rush now, and I’ll talk later.”

Mi Qing’s trace had already disappeared from the stairs, and Zhou Yiran ran in the direction she disappeared speedily.

Xiao Gu, who was left standing at the entrance of the stairs, frowned at his back. Gu Xin stepped out of the private room and stood by Xiao Gu: “What the hell is going on?”

Xiao Gu questioned in turn: “I just wanted to ask you, who is that person you brought?”

Gu Xin introduced: “Zhou Yiran, a pianist, you have seen him at Huo Li’s mother’s birthday banquet.”

Xiao Gu’s brows remained distorted, and he scowled at him in a bad mood: “Sorry, I know nothing about Zhou Yiran, let alone Huo Li’s mother.”

Gu Xin bowed his head with a smugly and pursed his lips, and continued, “But he seemed acquainted with Mi Qing, the little princess you picked up.”

Mi Qing rushed out of the Chuan Chuan store at a stretch, and even the red light at the intersection could not stop her. Just as she was going to cross the road forcibly through a red light, her arm was pulled hard and she was dragged away.

“It’s dangerous.” Zhou Yiran seized her wrist and frowned in panic.

Mi Qing felt ashamed as soon as she saw his face. She quickly shook her hands off, changed direction and ran again. Zhou Yiran had long legs and followed her in merely two or three steps: “Mi Qing.”

“I’m not. I’m not, you’ve mistaken the wrong person,” Mi Qing covered her face with both her hands, and refused to admit herself as Mi Qing.

Zhou Yiran watched her attempt and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “Why don’t you admit that you are Mi Qing?”

“I am not!” Mi Qing still stubbornly covered her face with her hands.

Zhou Yiran smiled in amusement, took her hands away from her face, and gazed straight at her: “When have you come to City A?”

Mi Qing retorted: “I have always been a resident of City A.”

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