SFAM – Chapter 27.1

When Gu Xin and Zhou Yiran arrived at the store, there were only two or three guests at the shop. Taking advantage of the lack of people, Gu Xin sped up to the second floor in a low-key manner.

Mi Qing was pouring tea for the guests at a table, and just turned around in time to catch a glimpse of a corner of Zhou Yiran’s clothes. She raised her eyebrows, and her eyes fell on Xiao Gu in the hall again.

“Why did you come to the store today to guard?” Although he usually comes to the store from time to time, he obviously came to wait for someone today.

Xiao Gu glanced at Mi Qing, who was in front of him, and said, “My cousin is coming over today.”

“Your cousin ?! Gu …” She hurriedly covered her mouth when the last word was about to be spit out.

Xiao Gu nodded and said, “He’s just arrived, and he’s upstairs.”

Mi Qing glanced in the direction of the stairs again. Was it Gu Xin who just went up? Alas, with Gu Xin here, then Chen Shishi … Speaking of why Chen Shishi, she hasn’t come to work yet.

As soon as she thought about it, Chen Shishi came rushing in from outside: “Sorry, I’m sorry, there was a delay at school.”

Xiao Gu looked sideways at her red cheek, and remained calm as he faintly replied: “Don’t be sorry, it’s your money that’s going to be deducted.”

Chen Shishi: “…”

She made a face at Xiao Gu, carried her backpack and went to change into her uniform. Xiao Gu called after her from behind again: “You are responsible for the guests upstairs in private room No. 18.”

Chen Shishi stopped a little puzzled: “Someone has reserved a private room so early?” Although the private rooms have a better environment than the public tables, she always feels that eating skewers requires the atmosphere in the open.

Xiao Gu merely nodded and gave no other explanation. A guess dawned on Mi Qing in a flash,  seemingly understanding this instruction.

The guest in the private room No. 18 must be Xiao Gu!

She turned to look at Chen Shishi, and a vague smile sparkled in her eyes as she added meaningfully and ambiguous: “You’ll see why in a while.”

“Ah? Oh …” Chen Shishi was clueless, so she went to the locker room upstairs.

After changing into her uniform, she went out and knocked directly on the door of the 18th private room: “Hello, excuse me.”

She opened the door and walked in. But before she could ask the guests of their orders, her signature smile froze on her face.

Gu Xin, who was wearing only a black sweater, was sitting against the wall and smiled at her: “We meet again, Ms. Chen Shishi.”

Across him, Zhou Yiran eyebrows wiggled imperceptibly and looked at Gu Xin and Chen Shishi with interest. It seems that Gu Xin’s invitation to eat skewers was in the guise of a drinker not really interested in alcohol.

Chen Shishi has never met Gu Xin since she last met him in the convenience store. Unexpectedly, she did not have to wait for Gu Xin to go to the convenience store, but he came to see her and eat!

After her initial shock, Chen Shishi quickly responded cheerfully, “Great God, we really are fated!”

Gu Xin chuckled and smiled at her. “I’ve been to the convenience store twice before, but you weren’t on duty.”

Chen Shishi said: “Ah, I have very few shifts over there, maybe only two or three times a week.”

Gu Xin nodded thoughtfully, and Chen Shishi enthusiastically asked, “What do you want to eat? I’ll get you some ingredients.”

“Thank you.” Gu Xin’s identity was really not suitable for going around. He ordered some of his favorite food, and Chen Shishi went out to get them for him.

Waiting for Chen Shishi to go out, Zhou Yiran looked at him with a smirk: “Emperor Gu does know a lot of people.”

Gu Xin raised a brow in answer, “She does odd jobs at a convenience store near my apartment. She helped me one time when I was mobbed by fans.”

Zhou Yiran said meaningfully: “Doesn’t she look like a student?”

“Well, she’s a sophomore.”

Zhou Yiran chuckled: “You really know her well.”

Gu Xin was not embarrassed by the obvious ridicule in his comment. His lips curved up and shared another secret to Zhou Yiran, “We even had curry rice together.”

When Mi Qing ran up to the second floor curiously for the fun, she caught Chen Shishi humming Gu Xin’s iconic song from his last album with passion while taking food. Mi Qing stepped up and grinned from her side: “What has made you so happy?”

She asked knowingly.

Seeing that she had also come up, Chen Shishi lowered the tray in her hand and grabbed her with excitement: “Gu Xin is here! He is in the No. 18 room! He has grown more handsome since the last time I saw him!”

Mi Qing: “…”

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