BMEC – Chapter 5.7: Martial Arts Instructor

Xiaoxiao quickly grabbed her hand and felt her pulse. “Heart beating fast.” She also glanced at her neck and then added. “Your arteries are undulating and your palms start to sweat. This is a sign of guilty conscience.”

 Lin jie shook her hand off, “You … don’t talk nonsense!”

An Hui may sometimes be stupid, but she could still read between the lines. 

“It turned out you’re trying to discredit me! I’ve always wondered why your assistant swayed in front of the director. It turned out that you wanted to bring your relative into the showbiz.”

The more An Hui thought about it, the more angry she was. She rushed in front of Lin jie and shook her finger, pointing at Lin jie’s nose, “You’re such a bully! Xiaoxiao, quick! Beat her up!”

Knowing that the matter was exposed, Lin jie didn’t flare up. The commotion has drawn attention, and everyone was now looking in their direction. She doesn’t want to make a big fuss out of it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but… Anyway, if An Hui still can’t perform the day after tomorrow, she must quit.” With that, she slipped away.

An Hui stomped her foot furiously, “Why did you let her go!”

“Didn’t you want to make a turnaround, how can you do so when you’re at loggerheads with her?” 

“What shall I do then? I don’t want to go to the hospital.”

“I will alter some moves in based on her routine, but the style will remain the same. In accordance to the character you’re playing, I think it would be better if the moves are more feminine. You can show it to the director.iIf he’s not stupid, he should choose us. You also need to up your training. Work harder at night, at least you won’t be an embarrassment once you play.”

An Hui’s mood immediately turned cloudy, “I’ll take you to the director now, and quickly get things resolved.”

There were too many people in the set: prop master, script supervisor, lighting engineer, cameramen, various actors and actresses, a pile of lalala, a boiling cauldron of voices, everything caused anxiety on Xiaoxiao all the way in. Tension inexplicably stretched her every inch of her as her eyes flickered around the dense mass of people. She just felt like her head was ballooning, so she released An Hui’s hand, “I’m not going in, I’ll stay back here.”

Knowing her concerns, An Hui didn’t force her. “Then wait for me here, I’ll be right back.”

Xiaoxiao slipped into another corner, her eyes wandering around in vigilance.

One of the symptoms of PTSD is paranoia. Especially in a crowded place like this, where she knows none of them, it’s causing her heart palpitations.

After waiting for a long time, An Hui still didn’t return. Her palms began to sweat as more and more people gradually gathered in her corner to rest. She froze in place, and soon was squeezed in the middle of the crowd.

In a big house in the distance, the director was talking to Kang Xi, while a makeup artist was busy helping him with makeup.

The director was talking endlessly, as if he would be having no chance to say anything later. This director had worked with Kang Xi many times. He was the one who had cried at the award ceremony about Kang Xi’s zero NG. When they are not shooting, his mouth would shoot like a machine gun just like now.

This is a costume drama and an unfounded ancient dynasty. The conditions of film and television drama have relaxed a lot in recent years, allowing many web novels to move onto the screen.

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