SWPF – Chapter 85: Possessiveness at its finest

Everyone was dumbfounded at Lu Xingzhi’s claim, then they blinked.

Well, this is really intriguing.

Likes hers, exactly that isn’t it?

Who in the circle doesn’t know that Chen Xinzhi likes Huo Jinchen.


Harsh but accurate.

Qin Shihuai jabbed Mo Jinyan with his elbow, “Did you hear that? Let me tell you, Huo Jinchen’s fiancee maybe reticent, but once she sticks her plain knife in, it will come out bloodied.”

Lu Xingzhi was unaware of how everyone interpreted her careless remark, she also added, “Miss Chen has good vision.”

Chen Xinzi also heard of her jab, but she gritted her teeth and responded, “So do you.”

This was not in line with her usual elegant lady style. Her praise was stained with her anger.

Lu Xingzhi smiled, an adorable gentle harmless smile with her soft voice, “I didn’t need to look, after all, mine was delivered into my hands. While you picked yours personally.”

Huo Jinchen cheered for his little girl. She’s simply amazing. He leaned close to her and wrapped his arm around her waist, demonstrating possessiveness at its finest.

“Next time, I’ll let you pick everything yourself. In case my pick doesn’t suit your taste, it will only have to be returned!”

Lu Xingzhi looked at him sideways, “I believe in your vision, your vision is immaculate.”

He Lian Xi really wanted to give this San Sao a standing ovation.

She’s practically driving Chen Xinzi to death due to anger.

“Lu Xingzhi, that’s enough.” He Lian Yi felt that Lu Xingzhi is a scourge, a scourge femme fatale that everyone says. 

Whenever she’s present, nothing good will come out of it.

Zhou Yunxiang quickly came to the rescue, “Xinzi, didn’t you say that you want to play a song for Qianqian today and wish her happy birthday? A beautiful pianist can’t be ignored.”

Chen Xinzi finally found a space for breath at Zhou Yunxiang’s reminder.

At last, here comes her homeground. Just wait, she will let everyone know the difference between her and Lu Xingzhi.

She will let Lu Xingzhi have a taste of how internal beauty beats  a beautiful face.

Let her learn how to write the word inferiority.

Chen Xinzi smiled proudly, “Of course, I never break my word. I’m friends with Qianqian, let alone playing one tune, ten songs is nothing.”

Immediately afterwards, Chen Xinzi sat in front of the piano, opened the lid, and began to play.

Lu Xingzhi held her face and readied herself to listen carefully to what the legendary beautiful pianist’s piano sounded like.

As the notes came to an end, Chen Xinzi got up elegantly and addressed Zhou Qianqian, “Qianqian, this is my present for you.  I hope you will always be our naive girl and live life carefree and happy.”

“Thank you, Xinzi jiejie.” Zhou Qianqian smiled sweetly.

“It’s nothing.” Chen Xinzi felt so proud of herself that she looked at Lu Xingzhi and noticed her crumpled brows. Deliberately, she said: “Why is Miss Lu frowning, didn’t I play well enough?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Can you rate my skills?” 

“Your skills are excellent, but it lacks soul.” Lu Xingzhi said directly.

“Lu Xingzhi, don’t speak if you don’t understand. Xinzi jie has had countless concerts.” He Lian Yi immediately stood up.

“It was she who asked me. I was just answering!” Lu Xingzhi pursed her lips innocently.

“It seems that Miss Lu is proficient in the piano, so you might as well play a song and let us listen.” Chen Xinzi was furious and her smile almost cracked.

Lu Xingzhi is merely a country bumpkin, what soul is she talking about?

Can’t help but make my own mini theater:

Xixi: San sao, Chen Xinzi died?
Zhizhi: That’s terrible.
Xixi: Yeah, do you know how?
Zhizhi: Accident?
Xixi: No, from anger?
Zhizhi: Who angered her?
Xixi: You..
Zhizhi: Impossible!!!

2 thoughts on “SWPF – Chapter 85: Possessiveness at its finest”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    I swear this couple will drive people to their deaths with their poison tongues 😂
    It seems that He Lian Yi hasn’t learned his lesson yet 😒


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