LLW – Chapter 210: Advanced pharmacist

The moment Lin Zhi earned Feng Chuge’s consent, he was enormously surprised, “Xiao Shimei, every year, there is a quota for taking leaves. In addition, we can accumulate merits on school days, and after a certain number of meritorious deeds, we can also exchange it for opportunities to take leave. During the training in the second half of last year, I once hunted down several lower-level beasts and was able to gain an extra day off. So, you don’t have to worry about wasting your time on applying for a leave. This time, you can go out under my name.”

Feng Chuge didn’t expect Yuntian College to have such a custom. Hearing his offer, she nodded. “Deal.”

Being able to go out without much difficulty, why not?

It’s just … She’s going to have to trouble that old man …

“Xiao Shimei, we can go tomorrow, is that fine for you?” Lin Zhi said a moment later.

“So soon?”

“Yeah … that beast can’t stay any longer. The power of that beast is unlike those low-level beasts. I’m afraid that if we delay it for another moment, our Lin family will be in jeopardy.”

“Go back first, I’ll inform you back in time.”

“Okay! Thank you, Xiao Shimei!” Lin Zhi was overjoyed.

With Feng Chuge’s antidote, plus her agreement to his request, his whole person’s complexion was completely improved.

After Lin Zhi left, Zilan spoke from behind. “Miss really wants to go out to save him? What if he has bad intentions?”

“There will be no bad attempts.” Feng Chuge shook her head. She believes that her vision is exemplary. The despair of the talented Lin Zhi, and the hope after her promise, were not fake at all.

Feng Chuge affirmed as she took the wizardry book from Zilan again.

Can spells be cast to subdue demons? Then she has to have a better  understanding of it….

“Then we will go with you.”

Feng Chuge chuckled, “Are you going to take time off with me? Then, if I have something to deal with next time, you won’t be able to go. And this time is not a big deal. It won’t take long before I’m back.”

Zilan exchanged glances with Luzhu and finally compromised. “Miss, you have to be careful yourself.”

“Um … definitely.”


Darkness, silence.

Even after two days of cloudy weather, it seemed that the sky was extremely dark after the evening.

Feng Chuge leaned lightly on a pillar, and frowned looking at the messy room, “Fortunately, I know this is your room, Master. Otherwise, I would have thought I was in the dump.”

Elder Yang raised his head from the hard work he’s on in front of him. “Shh … don’t talk, Yi Rongdan is almost done.”

After that, he continued to invest in refining medicine.

His eyes narrowed before a blue light radiated from his head to toe.

Under the blue glow, dozens of white pills were suspended in mid-air, just around Elder Yang’s body.

Feng Chuge watched closely as Elder Yang refined his pills, and sighed.

An advanced pharmacist is truly an eye-opener….

Witnessing this scene today, an advanced pharmacist and intermediate pharmacist are exactly on different levels!

The blue light was getting brighter, while Elder Yang’s body began to emit white smoke. At the same time, the circle of white pill was spinning extremely fast.

“Papa–” resounded crisply.

Finally, after some time, Elder Yang suddenly raised his arms.

Followed by a powerful current.

Then, Elder Yang whispered–

The blue flames immediately disappeared. The pills in that circle actually fell straight down, one by one, falling into the white medicine bottles below …

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