BMEC – Chapter 5.6: Martial Arts Instructor

Lin jie no longer embarrassed her, grabbed a sword from the assistant behind her, “Then better look closely!”

Martial arts instructors generally have a background in drama and martial arts. Their own martial arts skills aren’t innate, but accumulated through acquired learning. Many martial arts instructors come from Peking Opera schools, and a small part were born in the martial arts families. Lin jie belongs to the latter. She has practiced martial arts since she was a child so her every move was exceptionally agile.

She moved like a rabbit, but as graceful as a lady. Her arms shifted like flowing water. Her left hand punched out infused with a powerful force from the waist. And from her horse stance, she spun around and lunged in a gong bu stance. The double-edged sword in her right hand danced in the breeze with her body movement as she followed it with an oolong slap. She took another whirlwind somersault, pouncing on the ground, while her hands drew closer to her figure striking a false stance (xu bu), natural and flawless.

An Hui watched these sets of moves in bewilderment. She secretly peeked at Xiaoxiao, who nodded her head, meaning she had memorized it. These movements were akin to calligraphy strokes for her.

Lin jie came to a stop and asked, “How is it? Have you memorized?”

An Hui affirmed without blushing, “Yup, memorized!”

Lin jie naturally had reservations, “Then you try it yourself and show it to me.”

“What’s the hurry, my play is the day after tomorrow, you’ll know how good I am by then,”

Lin jie snorted, “Just blow it!” Suddenly, she pointed her sword at her, “Defend!”

The sword was fake and couldn’t hurt anyone, but An Hui was still scared.

Xiaoxiao stepped forward and blocked Lin jie’s attack with a branch she somehow picked somewhere. 

Lin jie didn’t expect anyone to intrude and was taken aback, “Who are you?”

An Hui, who hid behind her, poked her head out in response, “My master!” Then she quietly whispered, “Why are you out?”

Xiaoxiao whispered back, “Conditioned reflex!” As a child, An Hui was too naughty, and whenever she got into trouble, she would protect her like this.

“Turns out you have a master behind you!”

The subject of mockery, An Hui answered without shame, “So what? You refused to teach me, naturally, someone will.”

Lin jie is confident in herself. She doesn’t believe that anyone could memorize those sets of moves in just one glance.

With the branch in her hand, Xiaoxiao reenacted every move just now without making any mistakes. Her agility however was obviously better than Lin jie. The smooth movement akin to an ink painting, knocked Lin jie sideways. 

An Hu cheered at the top of her lungs, and looked at the grimace on Lin jie’s face, “Well? Fear not! Now that someone can teach me, you don’t have to bother.”

Xiaoxiao paused, her cheeks were tight as she addressed An Hui, “I can’t teach you this set.”

An Hui exclaimed, “Why not?”

“It’ll hurt you!”

“What do you mean!”

Xiaoxiao faced Lin jie, “This set of moves is too particular about the waist-to-back synergy. The technique is beautiful, but the combinations are off-balance. It can cause ligament strains easily. This is nothing to those with martial arts foundation, but for those without, they’ll end up at the hospital even before mastering the routine.”

Lin jie’s face washed white as she continued, “It’s not serious, but it’s enough to hurt for a few days!” She paused and looked at the assistant standing behind Lin jie, “This assistant next to you is different. I can tell that she has practiced martial arts since she was a child.  She should also be photogenic with makeup on. Her figure is similar to An Hui, but her nose looks exactly like you. Her age is not quite like your daughter. I guess she should be your niece.”

“What are you talking about?” Lin jie’s voice rose impatiently.

These are the stances mentioned above…

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