TOCH – Chapter 414: The sanctity of matrimony is missing

Fang Chixia was caught off guard and a blush crept on her cheeks, “You think too much.”

What kind of atmosphere does she need to enliven to dine with him?

This is usually her routine whenever she comes out with Tong Yan.

Their order was served shortly after.

Fang Chixia ordered a lot, charcoal-grilled oysters, lamb chops, a whole bunch of shellfish of all kinds.

Fresh seafood roasted with garlic, the strong mouthwatering aroma entered their nose, like a feast for the taste buds. Just looking at the dishes can brighten one’s mood.

However, Luo Yibei has no appetite at all.

He had been staring at the piece of fish that Fang Chixia had served on his dinner plate, which had been grilled golden brown and dark in many places.

He didn’t say anything, just took the fork and kept scraping the blackened meat, punching at the fish, and didn’t eat.

Fang Chixia caught a glimpse of his movements and froze, realizing the faux pas.

Has he ever eaten something of the like before?

He was calmly removing the burnt surface which surprised Fang Chixia somehow.

With Luo Yibei’s venomous tongue, if he usually encounters such a thing, Fang Chixia felt that he would push the plate and directly ask her to grill it again. If once is not enough, then two or three times, until the dish satisfies his aesthetics.

Surprisingly, he never said a word of protest.

It dawned on Fang Chixia that getting along with him wasn’t quite difficult in fact.

“Taste this!” Fang Chixia did not remove the food from his plate and instead shove him a chunk of lamb chop while wearing gloves.

Luo Yibei was once again a bit astonished at her initiative to feed him. He was stumped, but the corner of his lips hooked neatly.

“Sit over here!” The corner of his eyes indicated the position on his side.

Fang Chixia ignored him and just continued slicing the lamb chops.

Cut and pass it to him, and cut and pass it over.

The dinner Luo Yibei found disgusting at first filled his belly amply afterwards.

It was more than eight o’clock when the two left the stall.

Fang Chixia drank a few cans of beer so her cheeks were reddish, like the blooming cherry blossoms.

She led him around the neighborhood, introducing him to every little street and alley in the place.

The schools Fang Chixia went to from elementary, middle school, high school, and college, are all in one area. She basically grew up in this neighborhood.

“I used to come here a lot when I was a kid. There’s a church there and a lot of sacred weddings have been held there. It’s quiet and I come here whenever there’s a quarrel at home.”

“I moved out of home when I was in high school and lived independently, so I usually just walk around the streets here.”

“I’ve traversed all these alleys countless times.”

She rarely speaks so much with Luo Yibei nor has she volunteered information about herself.

Luo Yibei followed behind her listening quietly to her tales, and then stared at the church she pointed to.

Is a church wedding considered sacred?

He was lost in thought for a while staring at the church, before he withdrew his gaze and suddenly suggested, “Show me where you live.” 

“What?” Fang Chixia was momentarily dazed, unable to process his suggestion.

Luo Yibei said nothing more, just clasped her hand, and took long strides towards the road she just pointed.

His pace was quick as if in a hurry.

What is he rushing for?

Fang Chixia followed him passively through the streets and finally led him to stop in front of an apartment building.

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    If they would honestly take the time talk and learn about each other then they wouldn’t have all these misunderstandings between all the time.

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