SWPF – Chapter 84: I’ll teach you how to dance

She walked towards Zhou Yunxing step by step, and cried sweetly, “Dad.”

“Qian Qian, today, you’ll be a full-grown adult, say something to our guests.”

“Thank you everyone for coming to my birthday. I’m very happy because I’m now an adult. In the future, I can do more….”

After Zhou Qianqian was done with her speech, it was time for the opening dance.

However, Qianqian didn’t immediately walk to the dance floor and instead combed the hall in search of someone. Her eyes fell lost the more she scanned the crowd.

Until, He Lian Yi appeared in the hall.

Zhou Qianqian immediately brightened, runned in his direction and asked shyly, “Yi gege, can I have this dance with you?”

He Lian Yi’s brows furrowed. He was reluctant to attend the banquet tonight, but since Chen Xinzi insisted, he gave in. He just wanted to show his face then leave, but who knew he’d be accosted.

“Xiao Yi, what are you still thinking about?” Chen Xinzi winked at him.

With so many people in the audience, He Lian Yi was reluctant to embarrass Zhou Qianqian. Besides, today is her birthday. 

So he extended his hand towards her.

Zhou Qianqian’s eyes were sparkling with giddy excitement. She finally got her wish.

Once the music was over, He Lian Yi left her immediately.

When he exited the dance floor, he happened to catch a glimpse of Lu Xingzhi speaking to Huo Jinchen intimately. Huo Jinchen must have said something funny, which made her smile.

Lu Xingzhi is too beautiful today, and it would be impossible not to notice her.

She’s more eye-catching than some celebrities. 

What made him frown was the fact that she and Chen Xinzi are wearing the same dress.

These two …

Xinzi jie must have been upset again!

It’s against his will if he were to say that Chen Xinzi carried the dress more glamorous than Lu Xingzhi.

“Can you dance?” Huo Jinchen whispered in Lu Xingzhi’s ear.


“I’ll teach you.”

“I don’t want to learn.”

Huo Jinchen: “…”

Sometimes, he really wants to spank her.

She’s quite annoying.

Forget it, he isn’t fond of dancing either.

“San ge.” He Lian Yi came over and greeted Huo Jinchen. He couldn’t stand calling Lu Xingzhi San sao so he simply ignored her.

“Your dancing is pretty skilled. You and Zhou Qianqian looked perfectly together.” Huo Jinchen remarked suddenly.

“San ge, don’t make fun of me. I didn’t want to come here at all, and I don’t like her.” He Lian Yi explained. He just didn’t want to make Chen Xinzi sad.

“Your standards are too high, unfortunately, your vision is poor.” Huo Jinchen insinuated and He Lian Yi understood immediately.

He felt a stabbing guilt and subconsciously glanced at Lu Xingzhi who ignored him too.

She brushed him off directly.

Seeing He Lian Yi in their group, Zhou Qianqian also joined them. 

Upon seeing Lu Xingzhi sitting nearby, jealousy blazed in her eyes and she asked sharply, “Who are you? Why are you wearing the same dress as Xinzi jie?”

He Lian Yi frowned, but before he could intervene, Huo Jinchen retorted.

“She’s my fiancee, is there a problem Miss Zhou? Her dress was chosen by me, do you have a problem with it, Miss Zhou?”

“I….” Zhou Qianqian stuttered and hid fearfully behind He Lian Yi. Her dad dared not offend this man, so she shut her mouth instantly.

Lu Xingzhi also answered heedlessly: “Perhaps it’s Miss Chen who likes what’s mine!”

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    This couple is already showing their deadly combination.
    Also Huo Jinchen is always in wife protecting mode 😏


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