MYVD – Chapter 15.2

Qin Ran and Lin Siran are in the same dormitory. Their other room mate is the representative of their English class. She had short hair, beautiful looks, and a pair of sharp eyes.

Today was Qin Ran’s first day at school, but there are already rumors going around the school that she was involved in a gang fight and is also a repeater. The English class representative also witnessed her copying Lin Siran’s English paper.

Apart from that, the backgrounds of First Middle  School students are usually to the extent of being dropped off and picked up by family drivers, because school accommodations are considered poor. 

The clothes Qin Ran is wearing are average and looked to have been worn for several years.

The English class representative fiddled with several bottles of high-end skin care products on her desk, making the clanging of the bottles loud.

Qin Ran showered and came out wearing her pajamas.

Her pajama has a plunging neckline and no collars on the edges. She loosely exposed a large white shoulder, where a fiery red tint was faintly visible. 

Like a tattoo. 

With her milky skin, the tattoo appeared roaring red, making it exceedingly glamorous. 

The English class representative gave her another look.

Qin Ran didn’t care. She returned to her bed, lowered the curtain, opened the bottle of sleeping pill in the iron box on her bedside, poured a pill, thought about it, and poured another pill. This time, she swallowed without water.

But still didn’t sleep directly. 

Instead, she turned on the dark-colored lamp and took out an original book to read it slowly.

When Lin Siran woke up, she found that the light by Qin Ran’s bed was still brightly on.

Early the next morning, Qin Ran and Lin Siran went to the classroom, which was quite early.

The entire campus was covered in fog. 

Qin Ran sat sideways on her stool, crossed her legs and slouched down to fish out the extra-curricular books she had stored under her desk. 


Several light blue envelopes fell to the floor.

There were also light pink hearts drawn on the envelopes.

Qin Ran readily picked them up and stuffed them back again.

Lin Siran stared at the envelopes awestruck, “Qin Ran, that is a love letter —  Several love letters!”

A few students immediately turned to look. 

Many people in the class have received love letters, especially Qiao Sheng and Xu Yaoguang, but for someone to receive so many letters a day after she came to class, this is phenomenal. 

Qin Ran snorted with a faint hum, opened her original extra-curricular book, leaned against the wall with her long eyelashes drooping  low, and flipped unperturbed.

The book was newly bought and it seems that she had never read it before. 

Lin Siran glanced at it, it’s a foreign book she had never seen before.

Taking out her own textbook, Lin Siran turned slightly: “Are you so excited about receiving so many love letters?”

Qin Ran turned another page, and with her movements, the wide sleeves of her school uniform slipped down.

“These aren’t confiscated.”

Lin Siran: “…”


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