Chapter 230: I’m divorcing you!

Several security guards glanced up and down at Ning Xiaofei in unison.

The messy hair covered with blades of grass, the red and swollen nose bridge, and the body covered with dirt and stains from east to west, and several scratches on the dress, with one hand shaking, one hand supporting her waist, two bare feet, there’s not one inch of her proclaiming her identity as part of the wealthy.

“Really, if you don’t believe me, knock on the door, my husband is inside.”

Several security guards exchanged glances, and a security guard who seemed to be the security chief raised his chin lightly.

“Watch her!”

Then he turned to knock on the door.

Ning Xiaofei grabbed her high heels on the ground, hesitated to wear them, and just stepped on the grass on bare feet.

The security guard knocked a few times and raised his voice but no one came out.

“Excuse me, is anyone there?”

Inside the house, there was no semblance of noise.

The security guard knocked again, his eyes turned, and looked sharply at Ning Xiaofei.

“Didn’t you say your husband is in there? There’s no one there!”

The whole villa was silent.

“Husband? Tianye…. Mu Tianye!!” Unwilling to give up to the end, Ning Xiaofei couldn’t help but flare up. She grabbed her high heels and slammed on the door, “Mu Tianye, if you don’t come out, I…I’ll divorce you!”

Inside the door, there was still a dead silence.

 “Come on, stop pretending!” The security chief scolded her coldly, “Take her to the security room!”

Two security guards rushed over, grabbed her arms and took her to the security room. Ning Xiaofei explained to no avail. She wished she could pinch their thighs of others, but she could only follow obediently to the security room. The security chief in the end has also spent more than a few years on his job. Afraid of something going wrong and affecting the image of the community, he did not dare to call the police and just called the manager on duty.

The security manager arrived in haste once he heard that a female thief was caught red handed.

At this moment, the security guard had checked Ning Xiaofei’s bag. When he found that she only had a computer, but also a lot of cash in her bag, the security chief was even more skeptical.

He immediately went into the security room and asked Ning Xiaofei personally.

“Do you know who the owner of that villa is?”

“Mu Tianye.”

“What’s your relationship with him?”

“We’re married.”

“Where did you get the cash in your bag?”

“It’s from my husband.”

“How much?”

“Its…” Ning Xiaofei clammed up. When she received the money from Mu Tianye, she didn’t bother to count. How would she know how much there is? “I don’t know!”

The security chief snorted, “You don’t even know your money?”

Ning Xiaofei was telling nothing but the truth, but the other refused to listen. He’s more convinced that it’s stolen money.

Considering the seriousness of the matter, the security chief immediately ordered the security guards to keep a good eye on her, and he went outside to look up the registration information for the villa.

The names of the owners are confidential information. Of course, it’s something he can readily check. The property registration form however indicated only one contact name – Zhou Tao. With his phone number on the file, the security chief immediately dialed Zhou Tao’s phone number.

“Hello, Mr. Zhou. Sorry to bother you so late, it’s like this, we caught a thief outside your villa, there is a computer in her bag and a lot of cash. Wouldn’t it be convenient for you to come here?”

Though there wasn’t enough information, Zhou Tao promised to go there immediately, fearing that the situation was more serious than he thought.

M: Poor Zhou Tao, he’s caught in the middle again….

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