SWPF – Chapter 83: My Zhizhi just needs to enjoy

The moment Lu Xingzhi made this response, He Lian Xi dissolved into laughter.

She knew that her Lu Xingzhi has a dry sense of humor.

She was obviously talking with someone seriously, but her retort could almost choke her partner.

Chen Xinzi failed to process her response for a moment. She heard Lu Xingzhi’s remark perfectly, but couldn’t understand why everyone found it amusing. Then she realized it.

Not like hers?

Was she telling her that her life was too hard so she has no other choice but to rely on herself?

“Miss Lu really likes joking.” Chen Xinzi said dryly as she hypnotized herself so as not to hit the roof.

When her eyes fell on the full set of diamond jewelry worn by Lu Xingzhi, her jealousy snowballed.

How could she possibly afford these tens of millions of things, they’re definitely at Huo Jinchen’s expense.

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

Joking? She wasn’t!

Huo Jinchen inched closer to Lu Xingzhi and his affection was pronounced for everyone looking.

“Miss Chen, my family’s Zhizhi is still young. But as long as I live for a day, her life will only get better. My Zhizhi need not make a living, she just needs to relax and enjoy.”

Huo Jinchen rubbed Lu Xingzhi’s head and said softly, “In the future, I will ask someone to customize another dress for you!”

Lu Xingzhi looked down at her dress, “Doesn’t this look good enough? I think it’s stylish!”

“You look good.” Huo Jinchen confirmed meaningfully.

The scene before Chen Xinzi was truly an eye-opener. She really couldn’t figure out how Lu Xingzhi managed to ensnare Huo Jinchen.

Unbeknownst to Chen Xinzi, the moment Lu Xingzhi stepped into the banquet, women of various ages were considering buying the same design. They decided that wearing the same beautiful dress would surely make them look entrancing and ethereal.

The dress seemed tailor made for Lu Xingzhi. Aside from that, it also seemed to vitalize her temperament. It’s just that the price of the dress for those who want to buy was somewhat pricey. 

Chen Xinzi was by no means ugly, her beauty is beyond the average and her temperament is also exceptional. Even her figure is sultry.

But not that she’s standing next to Lu Xingzhi, it’s really hard to look straight at her.

She’s obviously a beauty among beauties, but standing next to Lu Xingzhi, she’s exactly Dong Shi imitating Xi Shi’s frown.  

“There is no harm without comparison!” Qin Shihuai, who was walking elegantly in the banquet hall while holding a goblet, also witnessed Chen Xinzi walking towards Lu Xingzhi, and the wine he just sipped almost sprayed out.

He addressed Mo Jinyan beside him, “Why didn’t she think about it?”

“How do I know, go ask her.” Mo Jinyan swirled his drink gracefully, also looking in the same direction with a smile on his face.

Chen Xinzi indeed was hit hard.

On this same day, she was dressed up, but Lu Xingzhi considered it dressing casually. Even without makeup, she was bulldozed.

Today, of all days.

“Xiao Zhi is better than her, she can turn an insult directed at her into a slap. Xiao Zhi’s words can really crush someone. Cursory, but prickly like a needle.” Qin Shihuai likes talking about Lu Xingzhi, she’s funny. 

Chen Xinzi turned anguished eyes to Huo Jinchen, but he only had eyes for Lu Xingzhi from beginning to end. 

Not even a glance was spared for her.

Whatever she wanted to say, it was interrupted by a voice at the stage.

“It’s a great honor to have all of you on my little girl’s coming of age ceremony today …” 

Zhou Yunxiang left a few lines before the heroine of the day, Zhou Qianqian made an appearance.

Zhuo Qianqian is about the same height as He Lian Xi. Today, she was dressed in a pink princess dress and a small crown on her head. 

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