MYVD – Chapter 15.1: Love letter, the girl of the moment

Qin Ran picked her pen up and, facing the physics questions answered by Lin Siran, she filled in the choices.

Then altered some choices occasionally. 

Quite sensible, at first glance, she’s the image of someone, who was used to copying homework.

Her handwriting was quite erratic. Now that she’s writing in haste, the outcome was even more ugly. 

First middle school is basically a school bully, and each student is very self-disciplined. Except for rare cases, there is basically no such thing as copying homework.

She is seated in an unruly manner with eyes half-closed and chin resting on her hand. The classroom was quite hot so she took off her school uniform jacket and wore only a shirt.

Qin Ran ignored Xu Yaoguang, and calmly passed her paper after copying it.

Xu Yaoguang commented no more and merely took the paper out of Qin Ran’s hand and left.

Never even looking at Qin Ran again. 

He has already preached, but the listener remained stubborn. What else can he say?

She’s repeating for another year, but still doesn’t know how to distinguish right from wrong. She’s just wasting the Lin family’s goodwill.

Xu Yaoguang collected papers on the next row, his eyes as frosty as usual.

After Qiao Sheng finished his last English paper, he sat on the seat and waited for Xu Yaoguang. Seeing Xu Yaoguang coming back dumbfounded and bewildered from the look in his eyes, he froze, but didn’t speak, and just looked over at Qin Ran.

Before leaving, he also waved to Qin Ran there.

If it weren’t for the time constraints tonight, and for Qin Ran coming so late, Qiao Sheng would have definitely gone and said a few words to this new classmate.

This new student, with her long legs and thin waist, white skin and stunning beauty, Qin Yu simply couldn’t compare.

Her brows are delicately arched, but the bloody stain in her eyes looked rather ruthless and uninviting.

Most importantly, Qiao Sheng wanted to ask Qin Ran how on earth did she manage to subdue that notorious high school tyrant. 

Xu Yaoguang was sending the papers to the teacher’s office and happened to meet Qin Yu down the stairs. 

Qin Yu is also the representative of their physics class.

Xu Yaoguang asked Qin Yu of her answer to the last question in physics. Her grades in other subjects are all excellent, but her physics is slightly better.

Qin Yu participated in the provincial competition during her sophomore year and the two often discussed physics topics together.

Xu Yaoguang is impressed. 

“I’m also confused about this formula . When I go back, I’ll try solving it again.” The coldness on Xu Yaoguang’s face was a bit warmer and also melting the frost in his eyes.

Qin Yu nodded, and inadvertently asked about the evening again, “My sister, she … is she all right?”

Xu Yaoguang thought of the paper that the girl had just copied, and frowned. He shook his head and said no more.

Seeing Xu Yaoguang’s response, Qin Yu smirked sneakily and also asked no more.



1 thought on “MYVD – Chapter 15.1: Love letter, the girl of the moment”

  1. 🤔I wonder if the choices Qin Ran altered were those were the answers were wrong, so she chose the correct ones? I’d love to see that Xu Yaoguang’s reaction if that really turns out to be the case.😁

    Thanks for the chapter.💖


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