FMYM – Chapter 14

If I had known that man was Ming Yu, I would have never pined for him!

The night in Feicheng was somewhat stuffy. 

On the way back, the boy pulled out his tie and two buttons, and let them hang loosely on his body.

This mindless tearing, rather that making the teenager messy, it instead added a decadent beauty to his perfect face!

“What’s happened with you and Ming Yu?” Peng Jiao, who was beguiled by the teenager through the rear-view mirror, finally managed to ask.

The teenager in question pulled his tie down again before replying: “Nothing, I just flirted with him in the bathroom!”

Perhaps, the night was getting darker, the teenager’s voice sounded a bit gruff, like a poppy blooming in the dead of the night, flaunting his greatest beauty, and also deadliest poison! 

“What?” This answer caused Peng Jiao to treat the throttle as a brake, letting the car run out of control for several hundred meters.

Fortunately, she’s a pretty skilled driver. Soon, she parked the car on the side of the road.

After the car stabilized, Peng Jiao was heard panting, not knowing whether she was scared by the young man’s words, or by the car that spiraled out of control.

But whether it was the former or the latter, the teenager admits that he’s the main culprit: “Sorry, this is not what I want. I wouldn’t have pined for him have I known that he was Ming Yu earlier!”

The word “pine” made Peng Jiao’s eyes widen again.

After a while, she was able organize her words: “Are you gay?”

The teenager stroked his forehead!

That’s right, he should be heterosexual. 

It’s just that his gender cannot be revealed yet.

But the scene of the teenager’s stroking his forehead drove Peng Jiao into mistakenly concluding that she has hurt the young man’s self-esteem.She quickly apologized: “I’m sorry! That … I don’t look down on homosexuality, but I’ve always thought that these cases are a long way off. I didn’t expect to encounter one example beside me now!”

At this stage, the teenager fears that he wouldn’t be able to wash himself even if he jumps into the Yellow River!

This time, he simply allowed his tired body to sink into the seat.

Vehicles passing by winked at the teenager from time to time.

The teenager still maintained his charming posture, but black and purple were visible under his eyelids. 

After discovering this, Peng Jiao couldn’t help but ache for the teenager.

“Forget it, let’s go back and think about it. You look exhausted today, go back to rest first!”

“…” There was no response from the teenager, as if he has entered dreamland. 

Peng Jiao said nothing more, and quickly started the car and left …


In the early morning of the next day, the teenager appeared at the table early.

She had a meal with her mother, Peng Huimin.

Breakfast in China was a bit different from that in Country M.

No knife or fork used, and the teenager simply had a small bowl of rice porridge.

“Your performance yesterday made me a bit disappointed.” Just after the teenager took a few bites, Peng Huimin spoke.

This made the teenager’s spoon stagnate.

However, the stagnation lasted only for a second, and soon the teenager revived full of beans.

“Sorry! However, I will do something else!” He smiled. The white jade-like luster on his face looked so bright he overshadowed the sun.

“What can you do?” Hearing the teenager’s confidence, Peng Huimin laid down her chopsticks.

The teenager simply put his spoon down, and smiled at Peng Huimin across him, “A secret for the time being!”

“You child …” The intimacy of the teenager earned Peng Huimin’s first smile.


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