SWPF – Chapter 82: Wearing the same outfit, who is ugly

He Lian Xi was aghast. 

It was agonizing trying to stifle her laughter.

Huh, there’s really going to be a great show!

Did Chen Xinzi destroy the Milky Way in her previous life?

Because in this life, Lu Xingzhi came to clean her up.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Xingzhi followed her gaze and saw Chen Xinzi wearing the same dress as herself.

She however thought nothing of it. Since she could wear it, others could naturally wear the same.

As if sensing her gaze, Chen Xinzi also looked towards them and was instantly poleaxed.

The smile on her face turned stiff as she felt more traumatic than swallowing a fly.

She never expected that Lu Xingzhi wore a dress of the same design as hers today. This is the latest model of this year. She just bought the dress for millions.

Surprisingly, Lu Xingzhi was also wearing the same.

There’s no doubt about it, it must be Huo Jinchen who paid for it.

No wonder people have been eyeing her strangely. It turned out to be because of the dress Lu Xingzhi and she were wearing.

She can lie to herself that her temperament is different from that of Lu Xingzhi, but it’s totally a lie to say that she fits the dress more than she does. 

She has been mad about this dress. She was captivated the first time she saw it. And when she wore it, she felt like it was tailored for herself.

However, now that she is seeing Lu Xingzhi on it. 

The elegance between the buyer and the seller was simply magnified.

She felt like a clown.

Lu Xingzhi …

Why did Lu Xingzhi wear the same outfit as hers on this occasion?

She couldn’t change the dress right now, otherwise, others will say that she is being petty, and that she went to change because she can’t compare to Lu Xingzhi.

Maybe even worse.

While weighing the gains in her heart,  she made way towards Lu Xingzhi elegantly and calmly. Even if she lost, she will show Huo Jinchen and everyone her Chen nobility.

“Miss Lu, we are truly destined, we actually wore the same dress.” Chen Xinzi sashayed to Lu Xingzhi, proud as a peacock.

As if she was the one shining the most.

From the moment she walked towards Lu Xingzhi, everyone in the banquet turned their attention in their direction.

Who in this circle does not know that Chen Xinzi likes Huo Jinchen, but today they saw Huo Jinchen dotin on her little fiancee, which was rumored to be the apex of his heart.

Funny that these two women were wearing the exact same dress today.

Thirsting for a good show, everyone paid attention.

“Oh!” Lu Xingzhi snorted indifferently.

“Does Miss Lu have any opinion on me? Why do I only get such a response every time?” Chen Xinzi strained to keep her smile, but she was already gnashing her teeth.

“You have a great vision.” Lu Xingzhi expounded.

Chen Xinzi: “…”

She’s certain that people like Lu Xingzhi are not meant for talking, it’s exhausting prying a word out of her mouth.

“I envy Miss Lu’s life. Unlike me, you have San Ge to buy you your dresses. Unlike me, I bought this dress for three million by myself.” Her compliments sounded envious, but in fact they were telling others that Lu Xingzhi was a woman with nothing. 

She’s merely relying on Huo Jinchen.

And that she’s conceited.

“You’re right, I don’t have a life like yours.”

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