SWDP – Chapter 68: I don’t want to part with you

Mu Huan entered the room, took a bath and changed her clothes, and sat on the sofa. Li Meng took out two ice packs from the refrigerator to help her with the swelling.

“Your grandma must be a thousand-year-old monster. Most people her age, even if she is not sick, are all loving grandma. But she on the other hand used a heavy hand and even beat her granddaughter, she’s not at all soft!” Li Meng really had this urge to go kill that old lady Mu.

“She’s not soft even hitting her own son, let alone me.”

“It bugs me really how there could be such a grandma in this world …” Li Meng has no other words to say.

“I don’t know how to word it so Bao Junyan would allow me to sleep over for two days,” Mu Huan was more worried about this now.

“Knowing that you’ll be in this dilemma, why didn’t you hide? If you really want to hide, who can beat you!”

“How can I hide, avoid her venting and let her hit my grandma instead?” Mu Huan pouted.

Li Meng wanted to scold her more, but what else could she say.  Mu Huan would never let her grandma suffer.

Man, you really can’t have any weaknesses. Otherwise, like Xiao Huan, even with her skills, you’ll still be aggrieved!

“Grandma has always been cunning. When I was a child, she allowed Bai Xuexian to abuse me, but she must never hit me in the face. She couldn’t let others know that I was hurt. But today she lost her mind. Her blow was too heavy! “Mu Huan thought of this and felt much better.

“It would be nice if someone were to knock her down for good, so no one can control you anymore.” Li Meng wished.

“Although my grandma wants Mu Kexin to marry Bao Junyan for her baby grandson, her favorite person is still herself. She won’t be knocked down easily, or else how can she deserve her title you said, a thousand-year-old monster!”

Li Meng, “She is indeed a millennium old monster!”

“Fine, don’t talk about this. Help me think about how to let Bao Junyan allow me to stay with you for two days …” This is a major event that makes people worry!

“Didn’t you say I was having suicidal thoughts because of heartbreak?” Li Meng thought it hard. This wouldn’t be doubted by Bao Junyan for a few days.

“What if he let someone come to see you?” She told Bao Junyan before that Li Meng was her best friend, and her best friend almost cut her wrist and died. If he sends someone to console her, it’s over!

This is too risky!

Li Meng also thought about it, “But I think, if you say that your best friend is heartbroken, Bao Junyan won’t believe it … after all, we just ate seafood hotpot happily together …”

“Then another friend is heartbroken?”

“If you’re going to accompany a heartbroken friend again, using the same excuse is asking Bao Junyan to definitely doubt you!”

“Right, I feel the same way.” That’s why she hesitated whether a broken love affair would be acceptable.

Just when the two were racking their brains out on what to say and how to keep Bao Junyan from doubting her, Bao Junyan called.

Mu Huan immediately signaled Li Meng to keep silent.

“I’ll be going on a business trip to the UK. If everything goes as planned, I’ll be back in three days.”

Mu Huan was so happy, she wanted to skip around. This is simply a godsend!

“Husband, you don’t need to bother me, get busy if you have work to do!”

Bao Junyan, “Are you happy?”

Listening to her tone, he could picture her setting off firecrackers to see him off.

“How can …” Mu Huan immediately suppressed her happiness, “Husband, I am very reluctant to part with you!”

“Well then, go home and pack up your luggage and join me.” Bao Junyan said.

Mu Huan, “… !!!”

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