TOCH – Chapter 412: A show of goodwill

The fire burned deep into the night and gradually burnt out.

With the chill in the mountain, Fang Chixia unconsciously buried herself in his arms in her sleep.

Luo Yibei gathered her closer with one arm on her waist, watched her face and raised his fingertips to fiddle with the necklace hanging on her neck.

Watching the pendant shining brightly in the night sky, he put the ring on his ring finger and tried it.

The size, unexpectedly fits.

Luo Yibei wondered at his hand for a while, then put the ring back into the collar of her dress.

He took a nap with her for a while. At dawn, Qing Muchen’s party still hadn’t found them, so he carried Fang Chixia and found a way home by himself.

When they returned to the villa, the group of people were still looking for them.

Fang Chixia was hopping and walking unsteadily.

As soon as Tong Yan saw her, she rushed over, “What’s happened? Well, how did you drive yourself to this state?”

“I’m fine, I’ll just rest for a day or two.” Fang Chixia herself didn’t mind.

Blackcurrant was also in the villa. Seeing her back, he went out of control and suddenly pounced on her.

Fang Chixia was scared off the hillside yesterday, and watching him about to pounce ferociously, she blanched. She wanted to step back, but Blackcurrant braked in front of her and suddenly bowed low.

His eyes were not so fierce, but instead dyed with a bit of cajolery, he rubbed his head against her calf, and stuck his tongue out licking her ankle.

It felt like an apology.

Fang Chixia looked up and stared at Luo Yibei next to him.

“He’s showing you goodwill.” Qing Muchen explained for him.

Fang Chixia heaved a long sigh, bent down and patted his head, “It’s okay, just don’t be too scary in the future.”

This humongous dog was domesticated at first glance. This kind of dog is generally highly valued by the owners. Fang Chixia wasn’t about to make a fuss because of a dog.

Fang Chixia’s foot injury was treated by Luo Yibei last night. In fact, it was not serious.

After returning to the villa with Luo Yibei, the two did not stay much, and drove back to the city.

She rested at home the whole afternoon, moved a little, and walked the next day.

Fang Chixia hasn’t returned to school for a long time. As clever as she may be, occasionally she needs instructions from professors.

She talked to Luo Yibei and decided to go to school in the next few days.

During the day, she attended sessions at school. After class in the evening, she was about to leave with Tong Yan when a commotion caught her attention outside the campus.

“Oh my god, so handsome!”

“Isn’t he the young master of Rongxi?”

“What, who? Haven’t you heard the name?”

“Why is he in our school?”


Love-struck clamors scattered bits and pieces, even accompanied by giddy shrieks. 

When Fang Chixia caught the word Rongxi, she turned her eyes and looked at the source of the stir.

Luo Yibei was outside sitting in the car with a cold face, the window was lowered halfway, only revealing half of his face.

Yet the sensation generated outside was akin to the appearance of a superstar.

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