SWPF – Chapter 81: Xiao Zhi’s might is amazing

This kind of humiliation, she thought she would never feel again in this life.

Huo Jinchen turned a blind eye for Chen Xinzi’s embarrassment. For feelings, he has always been clear and straightforward, so from the very beginning, he deliberately kept distance from Chen Xinzi.

He will not never be cryptic unless the object is Lu Xingzhi.

He is really fascinated by his little baby, but it wasn’t love at first sight. At first, he just wanted to take care of her.

The first time he saw her, he felt that she should be pampered and spoiled, just as she is now.

He gave the platter to Lu Xingzhi, but the girl refused to eat. 

“What’s wrong?” Huo Jinchen could see that she obviously wanted to eat, but she still resisted the urge.

“I put on lipstick.” Lu Xingzhi pursed her lips. “I’ll swallow it if I eat.”

“You’re the prettiest, so you won’t lose beauty even without lipstick.” Huo Jinchen couldn’t help crying and laughing. He didn’t expect that to be the reason.

“Still not eating.” Lu Xingzhi decided to restrain herself.

“Really not? Are you not hungry? These are all your favorite! These are desserts made by professional pastry chefs.” Huo Jinchen lured.

“Then let me eat a bit! I remember, I brought my lipstick in my bag.” Lu Xingzhi just remembered that the makeup artist asked her to bring with her.

“Here, open your mouth.” Huo Jinchen brought a snack to Lu Xingzhi’s mouth.

Chen Xinzi stared at them from a distance, but only focused on Huo Jinchen’s doting eyes, failing to notice the similar dress Lu Xingzhi was wearing.

She ground her teeth and took a breath, then walked into the garden.

“Xiao Zhi, I just saw you from a distance. I knew you would be here, so I followed you and the third brother.” He Lian Xi was wearing a blue fishtail gown today, highlighting her exquisite figure.

Coupled with her short curly hair, she was perfectly feminine.

“Xixi, you look beautiful.” Lu Xingzhi praised sincerely.

He Lian Xi preferes casual clothes, either  denim shorts, or ripped jeans with a t-shirt, almost never wearing a skirt or dress.

Dressed up today, she is simply stunning.

“San Sao, you must be kidding! In front of you, I don’t dare to look pretty.” He Lian Xi got a load of Lu Xingzhi. School is going to start tomorrow, so she must help her San Ge keep an eye on her.

“It’s good that you know it.” Huo Jinchen responded breezily.

He Lian Xi: “…”

Is this her San Ge?

Why is his mouth so poisonous?

He is worse than He Lian Yi!

She wants to take back those ideas just now. School will start tomorrow and she’s sure that there will be countless people who will pursue Xiao Zhi. She must keep it from San Ge.

Even if she is not as beautiful as San Sao, she is also fresh and beautiful and honest at heart.

Lu Xingzhi stared affectionately at Huo Jinchen with a pair of starry eyes, “Xixi is also a girl, how can you say that to her, she is still your cousin!”

She must not know, there’s not an inch of lethality in her reproach, instead she looked entirely seductive.

Huo Jinchen even smiled, “You are right about everything.”

He Lian Xi: “…”

Oh damn, this is definitely differential treatment, has she been treated as air again?

But, San ge must be a wife slave, even if not yet married, it’s already manifesting this early.


Xiao Zhi’s might is amazing.

“What the f***! What evil is that white lotus, Chen Xinzi, up to!” What He Lian Xi wanted to say was that she suddenly saw Chen Xinzi, who was wearing the same dress as Lu Xingzhi.

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