SFAM – Chapter 26.3

Mi Qing nodded thoughtfully, there are a lot of residents there and all in the business circles, which should be fine.

After two days off and going on a trip, everyone was still a bit distracted, and the topic of conversation was still around the trip

Mi Qing went up and scanned her fingerprint. After the attendance machine rang, showing her name, Mi Qing retrieved her hand and walked to the locker room.

There was a nagging thought along the way that there was something wrong, it was only now that she realized it!

Xiao Gu’s house was latched by a fingerprint lock. He asked her to record her fingerprint, wasn’t that like giving her the key to his house?


Boss Xiao really trusts her, huh. He wasn’t even afraid that she’d empty his house.

Mi Qing didn’t dwell on it anymore, and instead patted her face into the locker room to change clothes.

When she came out, she met Lin Jingrong, Mi Qing said hello to her, and was a little concerned about yesterday’s affairs: “Sister Rongrong, why didn’t you come back in Boss Xiao’s car yesterday?”

In the store, if she were to choose the one who has the best relationship with Xiao Gu, it would be Lin Jingrong. Her move yesterday was really a bit unusual. And if it weren’t for her squeezing into the minivan, Chen Shishi wouldn’t have followed her immediately afterwards saying ‘bringing romance to a happy ending.’

Lin Jingrong was silent for a moment, then smiled and replied: “Oh, because I was rejected by Boss Xiao yesterday, it was a bit awkward to ride in his car.”

Mi Qing froze, she just asked casually, but did not expect to get such a blasty answer. She repeated a little hesitantly: “Rejected?”

Lin Jingrong nodded with a smile: “Yeah, he said that he only treats me as an employee and a partner, so later, don’t joke around and call me Lady boss anymore.”

Mi Qing bit her lips quite in embarrassment, “Sorry, I didn’t know …”

“It’s okay.” Lin Jingrong patted her shoulder, and the smile on her face deepened meaningfully. “Come on, I’m optimistic about you.”

Mi Qing: “…”

What kind of oil is she adding? Trying to take the lead?

“By the way, I just saw you coming by Xiao Gu’s car. Didn’t the two of you come back last night?” Lin Jingrong walked past Mi Qing, asking as she descended the stairs.

Mi Qing’s face suddenly turned red, and hurriedly responded as if in haste to clarify something: “No, it was too late yesterday, so he took me to Kerry International to rest there.”

Lin Jingrong paused, then nodded suddenly: “Oh, I haven’t been there yet.”

Mi Qing’s heart was even more flustered. Lin Jingrong looked at her and smiled: “I was just chatting with you, what are you doing blushing for?”

Mi Qing touched her face subconsciously, and said, “I’m just afraid you would misunderstand. Boss Xiao and I really have nothing going on…”

For some reason, she ended up gasping for breath, because the picture of the kiss and the scene in the hot spring pool flashed before her eyes.

Xiao Gu returned home and brought his dog back. Husky hasn’t seen him for two days, and was very excited when he was led home. Xiao Gu teased the dog for a while, and was about to take him out for a walk, when he received a call from Gu Xin.

“What’s the matter?” Xiao Gu greeted, as Husky followed suit.

“Oh, Xiao Tian seems to be disturbed, is it because he misses me?” Gu Xin heard Husky’s cry and asked in return.

Xiao Gu retorted: “Do you want me to pass the phone to him so that the two of you could catch up?”

Gu Xin’s lips twitched, “Is Chen Shishi going to work today?”

Xiao Gu’s brow moved slightly: “Why are you asking?”

Gu Xin coughed: “She is my fan, and I plan to go and surprise her.”

Xiao Gu: “…”

He rubbed Husky’s head and thought back: “She’ll be in at noon today.”

“Okay, I’ll bring a friend there. Help me arrange a private room for us.” He raised his hand and looked at the time. “We’ll be heading there now.”

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