FMYM – Chapter 12: The man that he teased twice turned out to be Ming Yu

In fact, the teenager was also in the dark as to what Ming Ru is thinking. 

In the days that he was trying to win Peng’s inheritance right in Country M, the teenager did hit on a lot of women on purpose.

But just now, he really just wanted to avoid Bo Jiazi, so as not to engage in a dispute on such an important occasion, so he temporarily resorted to this little trick to please her.

The teenager had imagined that the magic would rouse Ming Ru’s interest and let him avoid arguing with Bo Jiazi, but it escaped his reason that Ming Ru would like him …

Facing Peng Jiao’s doubts, the teenager just blinked those beautiful peach eyes and looked at the sky.

In this manner, the teenager bent his arm while Peng Jiao followed behind, forming a small group, or more like a small harem. 

Perhaps it’s all due to the teenager’s dazzling looks, or that he was accompanying two women at such a young age, that made his small harem irresistible. When the teenager appeared near the door, numerous eyes fell on him.

Of course, the teenager noticed the varying looks from these people’s eyes. 

He had no time to ponder on them however, because a huge commotion stirred at the entrance of the venue. 

A man with blinding halo and indomitable air stepped in. 

Ming Yu, it’s probably that guy. 

As soon as he appeared, everyone in the audience consciously retreated to one side, giving way.

And he, under everyone’s scrutiny, opened his perfectly proportioned legs and entered the venue.

Combined with the light and shadow, the man’s features are profound, and the eagle’s breath carved deep in his bones overwhelmed the souls of everyone present.

Many even gasped, and this emanate from the feeling of worship to the man’s divine beauty….

While everyone was marveling at the man’s face, only the teenager frowned, and his charming peach eyes shone skeptically: “This is … this is Ming Yu?”

“Yes. He is my brother.”

“En, he is Ming Yu.”

The two women on his sides responded in unison.

It was just that the teenager who brought a harem regiment frowned after receiving their response, his pale lips tightly pressed together.

Ming Yu!

The high-quality man he teased twice in the bathroom, turned out to be Ming Yu?

At this moment, the teenager suddenly missed the quiet!

 If life could be repeated once, the teenager would never blow or whistle at Ming Yu.

Unfortunately, life can’t be rehearsed, it’s lived day by day.

In point of fact, Ming Yu with his own sense of supremacy, is heading towards the teenager while surrounded by everyone.

At the exact moment, the only thing the teenager could do was  close his eyes and silently pray that Ming Yu has forgotten his face.

But, things turned contrary to his wish.

“Ladies’ room rogue?” The cold, thin greeting from the man in front proved that he hasn’t forgotten, not a bit. 

“…” The teenager opened his eyes and found that the sight of the man, leaped into the hand lying in his arm, and turned lethal. 

Even an insignificant social expert like Peng Jiao, who sensed the warming from Ming Yu’s eyes on the teenager, was caught off guard. 

Neither of them thought that Ming Ru would play the key role in this meeting. 

“Brother, what are you talking about!” Ming Ru exclaimed, then presented the teenager in front of Ming Yu: “Brother, this is a new friend I met today. He is named Gu Yuan Xi! Yuan Xi, this is my brother, Ming Yu!”

In the distance, Bo Jiazi looked angrily at the scene where Ming Ru introduced Gu Yuan Xi to Ming Yu …


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