MYVD – Chapter 13.2

“You did nothing wrong.” Qin Ran motioned Wei Zihang to pass her books to her, her voice gentle, but cynicism was gathered between her eyebrows. Then she muttered indistinctly. “I am not a good person at all.”

“You are a good person.” Wei Zihang protested seriously.

Qin Ran walked forward with the shopping bag and waved goodbye to Wei Zihang: “That’s because you don’t know me.”

She returned to the dormitory, where no one was in the dormitory. She spent a short time studying. Senior high school students basically spend late self-study periods  right after their meals.

Qin Ran placed the book on her desk.

She opened an iron box on the bed, took a white sleeping pill from it, and swallowed it.

After taking the medicine, she didn’t go to the late study class immediately. Instead, she took out her black backpack, unzipped it, and took out the very heavy black cell phone.

The phone screen was still black.

She pressed her temples before turning the power button on.

In less than a second, the phone lit up, but not on the screen saver, but to a map page with a red dot on it, which landed in the school medical office.


In the meanwhile.

Lin Villa.

Lin Jinxuan didn’t go out today and the family sat at the table to eat.

When Lin Qi asked where Qin Ran was, he was surprised to hear that she was staying at school, but didn’t say anything, and instead asked about Principal Xu.

“Do you know President Xu?”

Ning Qing knew nothing of the identity of President Xu, but Lin Jinxuan, who returned from the imperial capital, heard something about him.

Ning Qing served some vegetables to Qin Yu. “I heard mother saying that President Xu went to Ninghai Village for a charity event three years ago.”

Qin Yu on the dinner table froze for a few minutes.

And then her spoon clanged down onto her bowl. 

Everyone looked at her, and Lin Qi asked in concern, “What thoughts have got you so absorbed?”

“This evening after class, I seem to have seen my elder sister,” Qin Yu hesitated. “She was hanging out with some senior students.”

“Senior students?” Ning Qing’s voice rose immediately while clenching her fingers white, “Isn’t she in the middle?”

Qin Yu looked down and squeezed the spoon in her hand. “I heard that she fought with some senior students at noon, and those people came to settle accounts with her this evening. I’m a little worried about my sister …”

“What are you worrying about!” Ning Qing’s cold voice interrupted Qin YU and stared sharply at her. She swallowed her anger and restrained her voice, “Keep to your studies, and ignore her even if she asks you.”

Soon, she’d suffer from a heart attack.

Ning Qing was doomed from enjoying her bowl of rice.

And Lin Qi continued eating without saying much.

Qin Ran is merely his stepdaughter, being able to help her arrange an accommodation at school would be an extreme benevolence and his utmost duty.

But if the person is like Qin Ran, he was somewhat reluctant. Besides, Qin Ran wasn’t worth paying attention to.

He is totally busy at work and doesn’t have the time to spare.

“Tidy the third floor up, and install a study for Yu’er.” Lin Jinxuan wasn’t disturbed at the dining table. He is curious about the real Qin Ran, but he would rather care more about Qin Yu. 

A talented person like Lin Jinxuan, who has always had a smooth journey to his current position, few people can catch his attention and care.

Ning Qing’s gloom also eased.

She won’t give birth, and the Lin family will still be inherited by Lin Jinxuan. It is important for her to get Lin Jinxuan’s acknowledgement.

Lin Jinxuan has always been indifferent to her, but he is very fond of Qin Yu.

In the end, she still has to rely on Qin Yu to maintain her standing in the Lin Family.

When the brother and sister are close, everything would be easy to deal with.

Qin Yu’s eyes bent and she smiled sweetly: “Thank you, brother.”

“I need to answer a call.” Lin Jinxuan nodded, pulled up his chair, got up, and walked upstairs with his mobile phone.

A mild middle-aged tone rang from the other end of the phone, starting with an apology: “Mr. Lin, we can’t pick up your list, I have already refunded your deposit.”

Lin Jinxuan was taken aback but his voice remained calm and polite: “May I know why?”


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