BMEC – Chapter 5.3

Jing Sa is in perfect agreement with Xiao Xiao’s point, “Hui Hui, you can’t even catch a chicken.”

 It’s simply a matter of heaven and earth for her to beat a girl.

“Don’t you splash cold water on me so quickly, listen to me,” An Hui insisted, “I’ve thought it through.”

This well-thought idea is evidently a dog hurriedly jumping over the wall.

An Hui cleared her throat and continued, “I recently picked up a drama and will act as a wonder woman. It has several scenes that require martial arts.”

Jing Jing interrupted, “Don’t you have a body double?”

In many martial arts films, martial arts scenes are usually performed by doubles. 

“I already told you that I don’t want to be a vase anymore, this time I decided to hit the martial arts lens in person.” She’ll just press her luck, to die for a good cause is real success.

“Then you should better find a martial arts instructor, what are you calling me for?”

Martial arts instructors are also called action directors, or martial arts designers, which are equivalent to the ‘choreographers’ in martial arts movies and action movies. They are also responsible for directing actors to safely complete a series of martial arts movements.

“There is a martial arts instructor, but she has always looked on me for being a vase actress, saying that I only have soft feet and hands, big-breasted…. but no brains…” An Hui jabbed with her fingers. The more she said, the quieter her voice. “I’ve been learning seriously too, but it’s really hard for me to learn those movements. Having failed to follow her instructions many times, she refused to teach me any more. So…” She crawled pitifully before Xiao Xiao and pleaded, “I beg you, you’re my only savior.”

“You want me to learn that set of moves for you and teach you?”

An Hui’s eyes flashed excitedly, “Yes! That’s what I meant. So, can you go to the studio with me tomorrow …” 

Xiao Xiao frowned, “I refuse!”

“No, just help me this time!” An Hui bowed and kowtowed before her.

Xiao Xiao was unmoved, what about going to the studio? There would be endless people everywhere, and she hates crowded places the most.

Jing Sa was well aware of her pains so she chimed in, “Don’t make things difficult for Xiao Xiao!”

An Hui turned the muzzle and winked at Jing Sa, “Kang Xi is the lead role, I can help you get his autographed poster, better think carefully.”

Jing Sa’s eyes brightened, “Are you talking about the “Water Ripples along the Dyed Green Brocade”? You got into the show?”

An Hui nodded, “Yes!”

Jing Sa immediately turned face, “Xiao Xiao, just help her once, look at her, she’s so pathetic.”

No kidding, she’s Kang Xi’s fangirl. 

An Hui continued to lobby, “Look, you normally don’t go outside. But the doctor advised you to spend time outside as much as possible. Besides, it’s not like you’re going to a dangerous place. We’ll be just going to the shooting set and you memorize the whole routine, then secretly teach me here. Just for a day, take a leave tomorrow morning, and I’ll let my assistant send you back in the afternoon.”

She tugged on her shirt coquettishly and sweetened her voice. “Okay, please! For the last time! I’m almost 30 years old and can’t continue being a vase anymore, I have to break through!”

With no forthcoming consent from Xiao Xiao, her eyes immediately welled up in tears, like an abandoned puppy. 

Xiao Xiao has always been utterly defenseless facing this picture of her, so she stood up and planned on leaving.

But before she could take a few steps, she heard the sound of sniveling behind that sniffled one after the other, restricting her foot from taking another step. 

Jing Sa added fuel to the fire, “Don’t cry, watch out or else your eyes will get swollen and you’ll turn ugly.”

“This opportunity is really rare, and the production team is very good. So long as I show something unique, I can definitely fight for a change… huhuhuhu, do you know, others gossip behind my back that I got this show because I have a relationship with the director… whoo-hoo-hoo, they also said that I slept with the props manager…whoo-hoo-hoo…”

Xiao Xiao couldn’t bear listening anymore. She turned her head stiffly and gritted her teeth, “This is the last time, no more!”

The instant An Hui heard her agreement, she immediately jumped up from the sofa. “Your Majesty!” She rushed and planted kisses on her face, “I know you love me the most!”

Xiao Xiao flailed about from her kisses, but could only stare daggers at Jing Sa.

Jing Sa waved her hand innocently, “Who made you soft-hearted?”

“Take a shower and go to bed early!” She pushed An Hui away and walked into the bathroom.

An Hui continued to dance around for a while, and downed another can of beer with delight.

The three took turns taking a shower, and stayed under Xiao Xiao’s house as usual.

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  1. I love this story very much… When it started in novel updates.. I finished mtl in one shot.. I love cool fl… And loving puppy ml


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