TOCH – Chapter 411: The so-called innocent playmates

Luo Yibei and Su Ran are not at all innocent playmates.

Even when the two were young, he and she didn’t have the kind of natural intimacy of two young children.

Luo Yibei treated Su Ran well in view of the good relationship between their families, and just because Su Ran was injured for him when they were children.

But no matter how good he was to her, in front of Su Ran, he would never tease her, ridicule her, and do whatever he wants, as he does towards Fang Chixia.

In fact, Luo Yibei has classified everything into clear compartments. He has set a line for Su Ran and knows what to do and what not to do.

Fang Chixia stared at him for a while, and suddenly understood what he meant.

However, thinking of the pair of wedding rings that Su Ran showed her last time, she couldn’t help but ask again, “Then, what about that ring?”

“What ring?” Luo Yibei was asked nonplussed.

He had acquired the pair of wedding rings designed by Sha Zhixing a long time ago, but he never said a word of it to Chixia, and merely kept it to himself.

He was unaware that she saw the pair of rings, so now that suddenly asked him about it, Luo Yibei did not respond for a moment to which she was referring to.

Fang Chixia scrutinized his unruffled face and her forehead creased.

He seemed unaware of it…

Fang Chixia stared at him longer and mulled over it.

On closer inspection, it seems that she never saw Su Ran wearing the ring again except that time.

Such an important ring is undoubtedly the equivalence of Mrs. Luo’s position. If an ordinary woman were in possession of it, she’d definitely wear it every day and parade it all the time.

Not only to show off, but also to repel rivals. What could be had against it?

However, Su Ran never wore it again.

The more she pondered on it, the more she found it strange, but didn’t ask Luo Yibei directly.

Perhaps the ring was bought by Su Ran herself?

Luo Yibei watched the subtle changes in her expression calmly, still waiting for her answer.

“I mean the wedding ring.” Fang Chixia casually shifted the topic away.

“Do you want me to wear it?” Luo Yibei’s lips twitched invisibly with eyes sparkling brightly.

“Do as you wish.” Fang Chixia’s eyes strayed indifferently. She wanted to rest on her back, but then her stomach growled out of the blue.

It was fleeting and could have gone unnoticed without paying attention.

But, would that be possible with Luo Yibei’s keenness?

The sound was amplified when it reached him.

“Hungry?” He glanced down at her stomach and he teased lightly.

“Um.” Fang Chixia answered frankly.

She fell off this afternoon, and the night has fallen long ago. She didn’t eat dinner so hunger was normal.

“Wait, I’ll forage nearby.” Luo Yibei took off his coat and draped it on her, then stood up to leave. Fang Chixia’s reminder came from behind, “Be careful!”

The mountain is dark and the grass is tall. She cautioned him to pay attention to wild animals and snakes.

Luo Yibei froze, glanced back at her, and a pleasant arc rose from the corner of his lips, “Got it.”

He left soon after and only Fang Chixia was left before the fire.

She waited for a while and got drowsy, when Luo Yibei returned with a hare.

It was skinned and cleaned off in advance. 

The two roasted around the fire for a while and after Fang Chixia filled her stomach, she slept soundly over his shoulders.

2 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 411: The so-called innocent playmates”

  1. Honestly why can’t they just communicate all the time the way they just did instead of those half truths and deliberate misunderstandings.


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