SWPF – Chapter 79: Lose his head over lust

Only then did Huo Jinchen understand what she meant, and he could not help but pinch her nose. “They were right.”

“On the surface, they said so. But in private, they must be saying that you’ve lost your head over lust!” Lu Xingzhi didn’t care what others said, and they deserve to be jealous.

“That’s true.” Huo Jinchen beamed, didn’t he lose his head over Zhizhi?

“Third young master, may I have a toast with you? I am …” A woman came over with her waist swaying. Before she could introduce herself, Huo Jinchen cut her off.

“Sorry, I’m allergic to perfume.” After speaking, Huo Jinchen took Lu Xingzhi’s hand and walked to the side.

The women watched them walk away indignantly. Huo Jinchen wasn’t enamoured by her beauty at all.

Can that little girl beside him have such a charm?

“Uncle, are you allergic to perfume?” Lu Xingzhi sniffed on her shoulder. “I sprayed perfume today too, didn’t you smell it?”

“I’m not allergic to yours.” Huo Jinchen also deliberately drew closer to Lu Xingzhi’s neck and inhaled in a veiled attempt.

It was just an excuse!

Lu Xingzhi finally understood.

“Jinchen, you’re very early! Hello, Xiao Zhi.” Mo Jinyan walked directly towards Huo Jinchen when he entered.

“Hello.” Lu Xingzhi has seen Mo Jinyan, but she doesn’t know what his name is.

“He’s Mo Jinyan, my good friend. You’ve seen him before.” Huo Jinchen was there to clear up her confusion.

“Mr. Mo.”

“You don’t have to be so polite, just call me Jinyan.” Mo Jinyan looked at Huo Jinchen and then added. “Or just call me Jinyan ge.”

“No, just call him Mo Jinyan.” Huo Jinchen gave Mo Jinyan the evil eye, why call him ge when they’re not so familiar!

“Jinyan ge.” Lu Xingzhi ignored Huo Jinchen, and it was too impolite to call him Mo Jinyan.

“Zhizhi, ignore him. There’s no need to say hello to him when you see him later.” Huo Jinchen is very upset now, his little girl is addressing others so sweetly.

Mo Jinyan is obviously one year older than him. Why is he a brother, while he is an uncle?

Zhizhi must have a faulty vision.

The difference is making Huo Jinchen depressed.

These accounts will be set aside for now, but they’ll definitely be repaid sooner or later.

Mo Jinyan and Huo Jinchen toasted to their next glass. Lu Xingzhi was worried that he would end up the same as that day, and so she cautioned, “Uncle, don’t drink too much today.”

Hou Jinchen raised a brow incisively with an evil charm glowing in his eyes. He naturally knew what Lu Xingzhi meant.

This reminds him, he hasn’t used her shampoo and shower gel yet!

“Yo! Jinchen, you can’t do this! You are kept under control so early.” Qin Shi Huai heard the words as soon as he came over, and jabbed happily.

“At least, I have a wife, how about you?” As long as Lu Xingzhi is a member of his family, it’s fine if he’d be laughed at for a lifetime.

 “Yo-yo-yo, who has no girlfriend. You think I’m like you. You’ve only got Zhizhi now. Oh, brother, I’m a veteran of a hundred battles, within a cluster of flowers, and leaves don’t stick to me. I just don’t want to be bound, I don’t want to step into the grave of early matrimony.” Qin Shi Huai uttered a bunch.

“My uncle is willing to enter the grave. But you don’t even have a graveyard yet!” Lu Xingzhi was after revenge. She remembers that Qin Shi Huai said he would send her two bottles of plum wine.

But until now, she has yet to receive them.

3 thoughts on “SWPF – Chapter 79: Lose his head over lust”

  1. Lol poor Zhizhi, those accounts are stacking up waiting to be settle and Huo Jinchen this hungry debt collector is just waiting to pounce 😏


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