MYVD – Chapter 13.1: I am not a good person

Qin Ran stared at this message for a long while, and tossed the book to Wei Zihang to hold it, and replied with one line —

[Is the client sick?]

She hung a price ten times higher than the market price.

While waiting for her correspondent to reply, she relied on her quick speed and sent two words in reply —

[Don’t pick.]

Wei Zihang carried her books to the counter to pay them. He flipped through the books selected by Qin Ran, and found that they weren’t study materials, but several foreign original texts, which more often than not are just left on the shelf to rot.

He knew very well of Qin Ran’s reading hobby, for Chen Shulan’s entire study was filled with her books. She especially likes reading original texts.

Wei Zihang had seen the original copies of “A Hundred Years of Solitude” and “The Kite Runner” on her bedside.

He gave the books to the cashier, his shredded hair flying away, but his dark eyes were full of sharpness.

Wei Zihang paid, and Qin Ran did not compete with him.

After returning the message, she put the phone back in her pocket and walked outside first.

Wei Zihang took the shopping bag and walked towards her, pinching a burnt out cigarette in one hand, which he was about to throw in a trash can.

“Let’s go to dinner first?” Wei Zihang raised his hand towards her, his head slightly bowed, and asked with a smile.

Qin Ran shook her head. She has to go back to the dormitory and study by herself.

“Give me one.” She glanced at him.

“…” Wei Zihang knew what she was referring to. He flinched back and argued glumly. “No, Grandma Chen will kill me.”

Qin Ran kicked him and turned her eyes sideways, dealing with him with those striking pair of wily eyes.

Reluctantly, Wei Zihang took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, took one out and handed it to Qin Ran, and then passed his lighter over.

His lighter is a bic-type. Qin Ran’s fingers are thin and long, jaded snow, and with a healthy pink shade.

With a slight “click”, blue flames ignited.

Hazy smoke rose with a subtle minty flavor. Qin Ran is wearing a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and a junior high school uniform loosely draped on her shoulders.

Well-behaved on the outside, but now once again leaning on the path of a rebel. 

Her hair is very soft, with some fluffy strands hidden behind her ears, and wisps fluttering with the breeze.

Her eyes are drooping low while leaning casually against the wall. Her fingertips are glistening with the brightly lit end of the cigarette. She looked three points wanton and uninhibited, three points languid, three points wayward, and one point serene, which is a rare sighting on her whole countenance at ordinary times. 

Her smoking stance is also captivating.

Wei Zihang squatted at the intersection as her lookout, but couldn’t help looking back and frowned.

He was the one who introduced Qin Ran to smoking. A few years ago, Qin Ran knocked on his door soaked in blood. He didn’t know what she went through.

He has never asked her much about her affairs and he knew nothing about comforting others. When he was a kid, he learned to smoke whenever he was troubled. Smoking for people like them is in large part a  psychological need.

That night, he accompanied Qin Ran smoking packs of cigarettes the whole night, which helped some.

It’s just that Qin Ran was unlike him. She can only smoke far and in between months. So when she was troubled, she would hide in his house to smoke. 

When she was found out, he was beaten by his grandmother. While she looked at the two elders with those pitiful eyes and convinced the two that he tricked her into smoking.

“Smoking is bad.” Wei Zihang surveyed their surroundings in frustration. Seeing no one at the street, he then regained his head, and tried to persuade her patiently.

Now, he wished to go back a few years ago and strangle the guy who handed her a cigarette.

After smoking half of it, Qin Ran extinguished the cigarette and threw it into the trash can.

She took two steps back, straightened her hair, and heard Wei Zihang’s voice. She glanced at him lazily, a deep smile overflowing from her throat and trailed long on her lips: “Get out of here.”

“I always reflect on myself many times a day, how did I lead you on this crooked road.” Wei Zihang stripped his tie. 


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