LLW – Chapter 206: Something smells fishy!

In Yuntian College, each quarter has its own kitchenette, so that students can cook whatever they want to eat.

However, most of the people who can enter Yuntian College are the darlings of various families. Few people will go in and cook their own meals. They all have dedicated people in their yards for this task or they can also dine at the public canteen.

Feng Chuge came out after working in the kitchen for a while, holding a bowl of hot noodles in her hand and with an extremely bright smile on her face.

Her smile is truly captivating. There’s a pear twinkle in her eyes rendering her stunning face a total knock-out.

“Come here, Chen Chen, eat.”

Achen feasted his eyes on this scene with pleasure.

“Wife, we look like an old couple, don’t you agree?” His lips curved up with a trace of evil charm on his young face.

Feng Chuge frowned, but gave no answer and just placed the bowl of noodles in front of Achen, “Eat while it’s hot.”


Although he is the young master of Tiandifu, he has eaten everything good, but he still likes his wife’s cooking the most.

Feng Chuge might not have responded to him, but Bei Xuan behind them rolled his eyes in consternation.

If he could, he really wanted to make a sound: My Lord, you look like a child now, are you sure that Feng Chuge is treating you like her husband not her son?

Of course, he would never speak his mind …

Bei Xuan raised his eyes and looked at Feng Chuge, but saw that the smile on Feng Chuge’s face became brighter.

It’s sparkling, but he can’t help the shudder that rocked his body.

A terrible hunch was born at the bottom of his heart —-

This is frightful!

At the same moment, Achen took the bowl and started to move.

After taking a sip, he grimaced imperceptibly and uttered a noise.

“Cough … cough …”

“What’s wrong, isn’t it delicious?” Seeing Achen’s reaction, Feng Chuge sat aside, “I worked so hard for it ~~”

Feng Chuge sighed with a hint of grievance. While talking, she was going to pick up the bowl in front of Achen. “But if it’s too bad, don’t force yourself. I’ll just dump it.”

Looking at Feng Chuge’s distress and the disappointment in her eyes, Achen grabbed the bowl in her hand right away, “Who said it wasn’t delicious? My wife’s cooking is the best.”

As he spoke, he rolled a mouthful of noodles and swallowed it….

He circulated his spiritual power, trying to paralyze his senses.


It was still too spicy!!!

How many peppers did this woman add in!

“Really? It’s really delicious?” Feng Chuge leaned down and suddenly bowed her head, looking at Achen and blinking her joyous eyes.

All Achen’s tears were swallowed into his stomach–

“Hmm, delicious! Very delicious!”

“Eat more if it’s delicious!” Feng Chuge smirked. “You look too pale and thin. I’ll go and cook some more for you. I’ll give you another bowl in a while. Remember, you have to eat it all up …”

“….” Achen….

Behind, the corner of Bei Xuan lips also twitched …

He said that he smelled something fishy, it turned out … this …

“Remember to finish  everything, don’t waste food, even a drop. It’s a waste of my efforts. If you don’t eat it, I’ll never cook for you again!”

Di Jue Chen’s eyes flashed resolutely.

Isn’t it just two bowls of spicy noodles?

He wasn’t afraid of bleeding, how much more for something spicy?

With eyes shut tightly, Achen continued to move….

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