EP – Chapter 227: Made a mess of his world

My world has had one more of you since then,

Sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy

  • Yuan Quan [Rainbow]



Villa study.

Mu Tianye looked at the crooked signature at the end of the document, frowned at the signature pen in his hand, threw the pen into the trash can, raised his face, and caught a glimpse of a book lying askew in a neat row of shelves. 

He frowned, took the book from the shelf and wanted to straighten it. Noticing a bookmark inside, he flipped it open, and saw the reading notes written in pencil at a glance.

The notes were written at random and everywhere.

With one glance, Mu Tianye threw the book back to the bookshelf.

He never had the habit of writing notes, needless to say, it’s Ning Xiaofei’s work.

Dead girl, she even dared to mess with his book, and dared to scribble on it …

The man walked out of the study angrily, passed by the guest room, saw the partly open door, and the scene of a big worm crawling out of the bed flashed in his mind. He huffed furiously and immediately stretched his hand to close the door.

Turning into the master bedroom, he tore his shirt off and entered the cloakroom. He originally wanted to gather some clothes to take a bath. But as soon as he opened the door, he saw her clothes crowded between his suits on the shelf.

The man scowled and turned, opened the drawer of his underwear, but what he saw was her lace undies in the corner of the drawer …

Damn Ning Xiaofei, she simply made a mess of his life.


He slammed the drawer heavily and went downstairs, unaware of the vibrations of his phone in the study.

As soon as he took a bottle of wine from the wine rack, the telephone line rang. Mu Tianye walked over with the bottle and raised his hand to grab the handset.

“Young master, it’s me.” Miss Liu’s  voice was on the phone. “Are you with the Madam?”


“Then she must be working overtime that’s why she hasn’t come back yet. But I can’t reach her mobile phone!”

“Wherever she wants to go or who she is with, I don’t care!”

Mu Tianye shouted at the handset, raised his hand and dropped the handset back to the landline.

On the other side of the phone, Miss Liu heard the blind tone, frowned and hung up the phone. 

They were just fine last night. What has happened today?

After thinking about it, she turned and found her phone from her bag, and was about to call Assistant Zhou to ask. With a soft beep, Ning Xiaofei pushed the door and walked in.

“Young madam!” Miss Liu greeted her. But when she saw her red and swollen nose bridge, she immediately asked with concern, “What’s wrong with your nose?”

“It’s okay, I accidentally fell.” Ning Xiaofei glanced at the living room. “Is Tianye back?”

Miss Liu guessed that the two must be quarrelling again, so she said, “Young master is at the villa.”

Ning Xiaofei nodded, “Has he … has he been on the phone?”

“No, I was worried about you, so I called and asked. No one answered the phone. I just finished calling the villa.”

“Then what did he say?” She asked promptly.

“Young master, he …” Miss Liu frowned and didn’t dare to tell the truth, and advised instead. “He said … He didn’t know where you were. Young madam, it’s inevitable that a husband and wife would quarrel. Young master’s temper has always been bad, but if you explain everything properly, everything will be fine.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Ning Xiaofei pursed her lips, walked upstairs, and dialed the villa’s line using the study extension.

It’s been a whole day, and now she hopes he’s calmed down a bit and can give her a chance to apologize and explain.

The phone rang a few times, but when Ning Xiaofei thought Mu Tianye would not answer, the phone suddenly connected.



2 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 227: Made a mess of his world”

  1. That’s why I always say that no matter how small the problem or how you think your spouse will react, always be honest because these little problems will snowball into bigger ones and this is exactly what’s happening between them.


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