VD7FB – Chapter 4: If you break off my engagement, would you be happy?

The body shouldn’t be perpendicular to the ground when landing. Although the lawn was soft, the burden on the feet is too great. 

After landing first on her soles, she braced herself by bending and bracing herself with her shin to thigh, then rolled to the ground. She rolled on her back with her dress, and got up again. 

(Now, I  must hurry.)

With leaves sticking everywhere her coral hair, Rishe glanced down at her shoes. She found a stone nearby and immediately smashed the heels breaking them off. 

This would make it somewhat easier to run. Rishe happily put on her shoes and sprinted away again. 


On the balcony where Rishe jumped off, the Crown Prince Arnold of Garkhain watched the unfolding of the whole episode.

What the hell just happened?
He thought of the way she rushed into this corner and called him the Emperor. From her appearance and demeanor, although she’s the image of a high-ranking aristocratic young lady in the court, her actions and way of behaving characterizes a skilled swordsman. 

A perfect passive landing after jumping off the balcony.
Rishe, who had soiled her dress, started running after breaking her heels without missing a beat.


This unconventional behavior earned a smile from Arnold.

[Huh, kuku. Kukku]

A servant approached from behind while his shoulders were rocking from his snicker alone.

[Your Highness, why have you come to such a place? Please return to the hall as soon as possible. We understand that you have no intention of getting married for the time being, but it’s still better if you start looking…. — Your Highness?]

The servant’s eyes rounded in astonishment. The Lord, who had always sported a grim and scowling look, is now laughing in good cheer.

[What, what’s wrong?]
[Oliver, get the carriage ready…. No, that’s too annoying. Separate a horse from the carriage and saddle it.]

[What on earth….]

Arnold smiled terribly truculent, coming close to a wolf, who has finally found his prey.


Rishe raced to the carriage that had been waiting in front of the Royal Castle and hastened home. She stopped the carriage when she could see their mansion a few hundred meters away.

[Miss? I’ll take you to the  mansion….]
[Oh, no, I’m fine here! Daniel, thank you so much!]

She said goodbye to the coachman, whom she has known since she was a child, and waved her hands while running away. 
The road to the house is muddy after the rain this morning. If the carriage continues on its way, she will get stuck. She has lost a lot of time twice, so she’d been running home since then. 

[Ha, ha, wa….]

Unlike the physical body of a trained knight, this body lacks endurance. Rishe arrived panting at the mansion, determined to train herself to some extent in this world.

Then, she was dejected.

[Aaghh –…]

A crowd was visible in front of the mansion’s main gate.
The moon is so full tonight, which allows her to see quite clearly what’s going on even from a distance. People holding torches are curiously looking at a carriage.
At the center of the crowd was a carriage carrying the flag of the royal family.

(I guess I should turn back….)

The moment Rishe took a step, the knight, who was holding back raised his voice. 

[His Crown Prince! Here to see Rishe!]
[Move! Hey, make way!]

From behind the crowd, a man shouted. So, his identity needs no confirmation again.

[I was late, Rishe!]

The knight paved way for her former fiance, the Crown Prince Dietrich.

[I understand that you don’t want to hear words of condemnation from your beloved’s mouth any longer. But it can’t be helped! It’s my duty as the next king to wield the hammer of justice against such an evil woman!!]
[I didn’t make it in time….. And I arrived at the worst time ever. If only I arrived as late as the first time, I would have missed this face of yours Crown Prince….]
[…? What are you muttering about?]

Dietrich scanned Rishe’s face and sneered.

[I guessed it right. You were laughing blankly in my face a while ago, but you were actually heartbroken.]
[– Yeah?]
[You must be devastated now that your engagement has been called off.]

What led him to that conclusion? She really doubts Dietrich self-confidence.

“I can see at a glance that you’ve been wandering around shattered! Look at your dress full of dirt, your broken shoes, and those scratches on your skin. If your sorrow over our broken betrothal would drive you into this end….]
[Are you stupid?]

Rishe was struck dumb for a moment at this oblique amazing interpretation.

[Sorrow didn’t stain my dress, nor broke my shoes. It may come as a surprise to you, but I’m not at all saddened by our broken engagement.]
[What, hmm, what did you say!?]

At Rishe’s outspoken retort, the crowd around them snickered.

[Oh, is that the Crown Prince? Did he fall for Miss Rishe?]
[Uhm, I’m not sure, but did they mention something about an engagement being called off?]
[I wonder what’s the truth of the matter. In spite of that, the young miss doesn’t look crestfallen at all, and the Crown Prince seemed to be more hurt.]
[You…. Shut up!! Lowly commoners like you dare insult me!!]

Dietrich rebuked loudly, but he’s a man of fairly statuesque features. Blessed with a picturesque refreshing appearance of blond and blue eyes, plus his status as the Crown Prince, countless women would always flock to him.
Reared up as a butterfly and spoiled as befits his status as a prince, he has always been confident and treated those around him with arrogance.

For example, it’s a common occurrence for him to scold a butler when he’s in a bad mood and seriously say, [I’m so awesome, to be able to properly reprimand my servants.] 
No matter how many times Rishe was reborn, his attitude has never changed.

(I’m glad I never had to live life married to this person.)

The first time he dissolved their engagement, she was staggered and repeatedly consoled herself, [Exhiling me benefits the country. It is part of his duty and mission.]

But once she discovered outside that it wasn’t the case, she never grieved and even thanked him for calling off the engagement. 

[Your Highness, the commoners are the ones you have to protect and care for. That was uncalled for.]

She was too lazy to argue with him another minute, but she still has to be careful. Not for herself, but for the servants and the knights present. 

[Speaking of attitude, yours needs changing. Are you willing to chase me and ask for my forgiveness?]
[No, not at all. If anything, thank you for breaking the engagement …]

Not only the servants around them, even the knights burst into laughter. For their safety, they couldn’t laugh openly, so they tightened their lips and only their shoulders were visibly quivering. 
Subject to their snickers, Dietrich flushed red. 

[Ha, don’t make fun of me!]
[That’s right. That’s so vicious Miss Rishe …..]

At the sweet voice that joined in the party, Rishe sighed. 
Around the crowd sashayed a delicate, petite young woman. The pretty little girl with big teary eyes came forward as if to protect Dietrich. 

[No matter how hurt you are, you can’t speak rudely to his Highness Dietrich….! Please don’t hurt my beloved any more!]
[Miss Marie. You’re here.]

Marie, Dietrich’s lover, glared at Rishe with eyes brimming with tears.
Why would he bring his current lover to chase after a woman who has lost her engagement? She was speechless at his nerve, but Dietrich kept reprimanding behind Marie. 

[Rishe, did you make my little Marie cry again?! I’ve heard everything from Marie. You bullied her at school, made fun of her, and sometimes trapped her in the night classroom at night! Did you really think that a distorted woman like you could be the Queen?!]
(Come now, I’ve never done anything of the like….)

She shot a quick glance at Marie and looked elsewhere.

[I get it your Highness. Have you already informed my parents of your broken engagement?]
[What else did you expect?! —- Of course, I told them! The Duke and the Duchess were furious they swore to cut ties with you!]
[Oh, In the end, I still came too late….]

Her parents value appearance more than anything else. She should no longer wish she could bring out her possessions out of her room.

[What’s with that face! Oh my, haven’t you always been indifferent since earlier?! What, has the shock of the broken engagement finally dawned on you….]
[Look here, Dietrich.]

Rishe was tired of calling him the Crown Prince, and so she called his name directly. 

[I’m amenable to the cancellation of the engagement. I’ll never show up in front of you. So, there’s no need to worry.]
[Eh?! Did I hear you right….?!]
[Ever since I was a child, I have always thought that the position of the “Crown Prince’s fiancee” was only my value and that’s the only meaning to life. But I was wrong, I can find my own worth. Now that I know that, everything’s fine.]

Rishe looked straight at Dietrich’s eyes and spoke clearly. 

[I don’t need you in my life.]

Dietrich staggered a few steps back and was planted on the ground with his butt. 
The comical impact of this picture was too unbearable that the knights and the spectators chortled, no longer able to stifle their laughter.

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