SFAM – Chapter 25.3

She reluctantly walked to the Land Rover and opened the door to the back seat.

Xiao Gu said nothing and started the car behind the two vans.

 Neither of them talked along the way, and Mi Qing kept her eyes out of the window. Daytime was short in winter, and at past six o’clock it was already very dark. The street lights gradually lighted up, and the glass windows reflected her shallow outline.

Because it was dim, the car was driving slower than before. It was close to nine o’clock by the time they reached City A. At this point in time, Mi Qing was still alive and kicking, but after climbing the mountain during the day, her body was relatively tired, and she was already feeling drowsy in the back seat.

Xiao Gu glanced at her from the rearview mirror and turned the steering wheel in a circle, drifting away from the two vans again.

Mi Qing’s head bobbed up and down against the window, forcing her spirits to fly away, so she opened her eyes. The buildings outside the car were unfamiliar. It doesn’t look like the route back to Nancheng Garden. She rubbed the spot where she bumped and asked her driver assistant, Xiao Gu: “Where are we?”

Xiao Gu said, “It’s quite late today. We’ll be staying at my apartment overnight, and I’ll send you back early tomorrow morning.”

Mi Qing’s brows jumped. Her trust in Xiao Gu was at its lowest peak at the moment. Knowing that he was taking her to a strange place, she immediately straightened warily: “What do you mean? Where are we going?”

Xiao Gu laughed and said, “Why, are you afraid that I’ll sell you?”

Mi Qing stared at him unhappily, but Xiao Gu was quite amused: “It’s closer here. I noticed that you are so sleepy, so I brought you over.”

Then he steered the car, turning to a corner and stopped in front of a gate.

 Mi Qing looked out of the car window. The place was also a residential area, with marble pillars at the gate, engraved with several large letters that read, Kerry International.

To the left of the gate was the security booth. Although the iron fence gate was open, the horizontal bar was low. Xiao Gu fetched an access card from his pocket and handed it to the security guard. The security guard swiped it, and the stop bar gradually rose.

Xiao Gu retrieved his access card and drove in. Mi Qing was no wide awake, marveling at the surroundings.

Although it was dark, many of the street lights inside were bright, and the surrounding environment was still clear.

The houses around were all European-style townhouses, each with a garage, a garden and balconies. Mi Qing inspected for a while, and consulted Xiao Gu: “You still have a house here?”

Xiao Gu nodded nonchalantly: “Yes.”

Mi Qing: “…”

It seems that selling skewers is very promising.

Xiao Gu’s Land Rover parked in front of a certain villa. He drove the car into the garage and got out of the car. Mi Qing followed him out and looked around. Xiao Gu stood in front of the closed door and stamped his fingerprints, and the door opened by itself.

Mi Qing gawked, there was still a fingerprint door lock.

Xiao Gu entered the living room and waited. He gave Mi Qing a pair of slippers, and placed them at her feet: “New.”

Mi Qing snorted, put the slippers on and walked in.

This place has been renovated, and it is very clean. Mi Qing turned around in the living room and said to Xiao Gu, “It’s been renovated, why don’t you just live here?”

“It’s too far here, and it’s closer to the shop over there.” Xiao Gu took off his coat and threw it on the sofa. He glanced at her, and quipped, “I plan to use this as a wedding house.”

Mi Qing: “…”

Oh dear, she’s blushing!

Xiao Gu grinned and oriented Mi Qing: “The first floor is the living room and kitchen, the second floor is the guest room and study, and the third floor is the master bedroom. Where do you want to sleep?”

“Guest room!” Mi Qing sprinted upstairs after speaking. Xiao Gu followed her up the second floor and opened a door for her. “This one, it has a separate bathroom, so you can take a bath.”

Mi Qing’s eyes lit up instantly, thanks heavens!

She looked at Xiao Gu and blinked: “Did you rent this house here?”

Xiao Gu also looked at her and blinked: “No rental, you can live in for free if you marry.”

Mi Qing: “…”

She marched rigidly into the room and put her hand on the doorknob: “Mr. Xiao, I’m going to rest, you can go out.”

Xiao Gu smiled and turned away. Mi Qing saw him go upstairs, and  quickly closed the door and locked it.

At this time, Gu Xin was still in the company to discuss his new music album. He glanced at the photo that Chen Shishi has just posted to his public account, and smiled at Zhou Yiran, who was sitting beside him, “We’ve worked hard today, let me invite you to eat skewers tomorrow.”

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