MYVD – Chapter 12.2

Everyone thought that he was picking holes.

Xu Yaoguang was also a freshman at that time and had just transferred to First Middle School, but Wei Zihang ended up caving in against Xu Yaoguang.

Since that incident, Qiao Sheng has come to know that Wei Zihang is afraid of Xu Yaoguang.

That pig-head Qin Ran, Qiao Sheng cursed under his breath, wishing he could stand in her place and slip stealthily. 

She’s just unreasonable, was she looking for death?!

Seeing the school bully getting out of the car, Lin Siran’s face turned whiter. She quivered. “Qin Ran, we have to go now … I’ll explain it to you later.”

She kept tugging at Qin Ran with sweaty palms, but she didn’t budge an inch. 

An ordinary student seeing this rumored bully who terrifies even the underworld, in person would shake on her toes, so Lin Siran’s reaction was quite normal.

Qin Ran patted Lin Siran on the shoulders, but her expression remained unchanged. She stuck her hands loosely in her pockets and squinted at them. 

The big sister was so unaffected, both simply wild and crazy.

But Lin Siran was not comforted. Her legs softened and she froze.

Her eyes turned black.

The teenager leading the group came towards them. The teenager had a pair of double eyelids and a clear outline. With the soft breeze, the white smoke disappeared from the burning cigarette between his fingers.

When Qiao Sheng saw Wei Zihang doing the task himself, his feet moved. Other passersby also thought that the new student was done for. 

Xu Yaoguang looked ahead and a change altered his clear and dark eyes. But before he could open his mouth. 

He heard Qin Ran saying: “Wei Zihang, let someone help my deskmate back, she can’t walk.”

The air stilled. 

Wei Zihang glanced at Lin Siran, and immediately laughed quite amicably, which was the total opposite of his renowned reputation. He immediately signaled another teenager, who appeared the best of the lot, to help Lin Siran. 

Then he moved nearer and looked at Qin Ran with a smile. The surprise at the bottom of his eyes was serious: “No, Ran jie, you said nothing about coming to Yuncheng.”

Qin Ran flicked her uniform.

“It was a temporary arrangement.” The letter from President Xu was set for a year.

Wei Zihang was still disgruntled. He grew up pretty well, blessed with distinct features: “You came but you didn’t even look for me.”

“I only arrived yesterday.” Qin Ran glanced at Lin Siran, who remained stunned and unmoving. She turned to her side and gave Wei Zihang a kick, raising her eyebrows: “Get rid of your little brothers quickly, they’ve scared my deskmate.”

Wei Zihang motioned for his younger brothers to back off quickly.

Lin Siran was obviously not in the state, so Qin Ran surmised that she’ll be going to buy books alone. 

One of the teenagers beaten by Qin Ran at noon stayed behind. His colorful hair was yanked disorderly and was about to kneel. “Boss, she … she is …”

Wei Zihang was wearing a jersey and the way he crushed his cigarette came off cool. His cold glance passed in waves, but when he heard his question, his eyes narrowed, letting a smire settle at the corner of his lips, “My ancestor.”

With that, he cared no longer for their response.

“Ran jie, where are you going?”

“Buy a book,” came a brief reply.

“I’ll go with you……” 

Their voices drifted away and Lin Siran, who was still rooted in place, didn’t react.

The younger brother, who was terrified of the school bully and the sister that was by her side a moment ago, curried favor cautiously, “Jie, would you like to go back to school? Or go to dinner?”

Lin Siran’s head was somewhat empty.

She had this feeling that she was dreaming.

Not far away, another pedestrian, Qiao Sheng, was also silent, and even Xu Yaoguang could not react for a while.

Qin Ran on the other hand was much more relaxed. She has just picked a few books when her phone vibrated a few times.

She took it out casually. 

It was a private number —

[There’s a new mission demanding for you, would you like to pick it or not?]


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