MAR – Chapter 4.3

He derided and then there’s more, “In addition, Miss Hanyu from Uncle Wu’s family will be visiting the Ye Mansion in a few days. Don’t think highly of yourself and go harassing her when she arrives, understand?”

Ye Ming froze. Of course he knows who Wu Hanyu is. Her father Wu Shihao and his father Ye Zihui were once sworn brothers with different surnames. Moreover, they both agreed on engaging their children when they have kids. Wu Hanyu, the daughter of Wu Shihao, was supposed to be Ye Ming’s bride.

However, since the death of Ye Zihui, the two sides have never met any further, let alone take care of the childhood engagement. As his righteous father, even in the worst years of Ye Ming, Wu Shihao never visited the Ye Family to check on him. Obviously, the Wu family intentionally downplayed the fact that the two parties had set a “childhood betrothal.”

Of course, Ye Ming has never cared about that so-called childhood betrothal. If Ye Zhenying hadn’t reminded him of this today, he would have even forgotten the Wu Family.

“I have nothing to do with her.” Ye Ming replied softly, telling nothing but the truth.

Ye Zhenying nodded and scoffed, “You do have some sense of self-awareness! Miss Hanyu is highly talented and also a disciple of the Red Sun Sect. A garbage like you is not worthy of her. I have asked my father to send betrothal gifts to the Wu family so that Miss Wu can marry me instead of marrying such a waste.”

Ye Ming said nothing and merely snickered. What Miss Wu, he doesn’t care at all. It’s the insults that the Ye family rained on him, one by one, that he kept deep in his heart. One day, he will settle the core ten times more!

Ye Zhenying was extremely displeased with Ye Ming’s response,  and frowned, “”What? Are you not convinced? Even if you hate me again and wish you could get back at me, what else can you do? A rubbish like you is simply no threat to me. Haha, thank you so much for your red dragon grass. I traded it for a lot of refining pills, and now, I’m half a step to the fifth level of martial arts.”

With that said, he grinned suddenly and said strangely, “In a few months, the Red Sun Sect should come to the Ye Family to pick some disciples. You’re refining your body at all costs, is it because you wanted to participate? Sadly, with your strength, there is no chance at all. Even if you do participate, you’ll only serve as a sandbag!”

After humiliating Ye Ming, Ye Zhenying laughed proudly and then walked away.

Ye Ming glared at his back and vowed, “Ye Zhenying, just wait, I will give you a big surprise soon!” Sitting on the three great treasures of the Heavenly Earth, he is confident that he will surpass him in a short time!

At this moment, Bei Ming manipulated the vitality power to his wounds, and he recovered quickly.

Back in the cottage, Ye Ming’s stomach was rumbling. He muttered helplessly, “There is no rice in the house. It seems that I have to go out to eat again.”

Bei Ming deterred: “Master is in the early stages of cultivation. It is best not to eat ordinary food in the near future. Ordinary food will cause impurities in your body, which is not conducive to the period of cultivation of your foundation.”

Ye Ming was upset: “Do not eat ordinary food? So what do I eat?”

“Beastly demon flesh.” Bei Ming replied.

 Ye Ming rolled his eyes, he can’t even afford rice, but  now Bei Ming is telling him to feed on demon flesh! He knows something about ‘beast demons.’ Some beasts, under certain circumstances, are capable of following the same path of self-cultivation like humans. Once their wisdom is turned into a spirit, the spirit will turn into a demon. A beastly demon’s might is absolutely deadly, and an ordinary martial arts practitioner is no match at all. The worst fact is that beasts are cruel by nature, and eight out of ten would likely eat people. Therefore, the risk of catching beasts is extremely high, so the meat of beasts is naturally exorbitant. Even Ye Wansheng, the master of the Ye family, can’t afford it, and even if he could, at most, it would only be during the New Year.

Bei Ming proposed: “If there is no beastly demon meat, then just drink water. The divine pill can let Master stay alive without eating for two or three months. It’s just that, hunger strikes are very uncomfortable. I wonder if Master can afford it?”

“Just don’t eat,” Ye Ming said flatly. “It’s not a big deal, then don’t eat.”

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