MAR – Chapter 4.2

Ye Ming immediately followed suit. He felt that every move was indeed extremely complicated and theoretically speaking, he would have found it impossible to learn. Oddly, however, an intense ray of light from the Divine Nine Revolutions pill flashed, and a demon spiritual shadow inside immediately unleashed another kind of power. Under the influence of this power, he succeeded in practicing within only half an hour. At the last instance, he only felt that an invisible mysterious force between the heavens and earth had penetrated his body. 

“Huh?” Ye Ming was thrown into a tizzy. That power was constantly cleansing his body and boosting his potential. Even strength, reaction speed and even wisdom had increased tremendously.

“I actually succeeded!” Ye Ming was over the moon and couldn’t help cheering.

Hence, with the aid of the Divine Pill,  Ye Ming spent only one night and learned the nine techniques.

With the nine mysterious forces, he felt as if the tens of thousands of pores throughout his body were rejoicing. Every cell, every muscle, every inch of bone in his body morphed and were purified.

“These basic stage work methods are indeed worthy creations of the Heavenly Ancestors. How magical!” Ye Ming’s eyes were bright and his confidence increased greatly.

It was already broad daylight. This barren mountain wasn’t a suitable place for a long stay, so he immediately descended the mountain and returned to the Ye Family mansion. 

Back in Shanshui Town, he saw a teenager standing in the courtyard, the moment he opened the door to his abode. The boy is slender, wearing a blue brocade, with thin lips and thin eyebrows, and blessed with good looks, but his eyes are nothing but arrogant. Hearing the opening of the door, he turned to stare at Ye Ming.

Rage immediately gripped Ye Ming’s heart. This young man is the one who framed him, the grandson of the patriarch from his eldest son, Ye Zhenying! Yesterday, he just taught Hu Saner a lesson, his slave. He must have come to get back at him. 

“Was it you?” His eyes narrowed into slits as he stared at the young man who stopped by the door. 

Ye Zhenying examined Ye Ming from head to toe contemptuously and continued, “I heard Zhenxiong saying that you have been running to the edge of the Li River these days. This time, are you trying to cultivate in icy water? What, why are you so desperate boosting your strength, don’t tell me it’s because you are after revenge?”

Ye Ming remained calm, even with the person he hates the most in front of him. He returned coldly, “Icy water body cultivate, this won’t let me live past twenty, so what are you worried about?”

“That’s true,” Ye Zhenying sneered, “There is nothing you can do come to think of it. You are now a waste with no resources. What else can you do beside this method? But…”

His tone turned icy as he stared daggers at Ye Ming, “You dare turn hostile towards this young master, even if you’re a waste, you still must be taught a lesson!”

After that, he suddenly moved. His legs arched like a bow, his body vaulted in a flash and flitted through the air, then landed in front of Ye Ming like a phantom, slamming his right palm against Ye Ming’s chest.

Ye Ming only felt a gust of wind assaulting his face and scraping his cheeks with a tearing pain. Too fast! He had no time to react at all. Soon after, the pain shifted to his chest, he only heard a ‘crack’ and at least three of his ribs were left broken.

He flopped to the ground like a torn kite. His lungs were punctured and he spewed up a mouthful of blood, spilling it across the ground.

Ye Zhenying is an outstanding fourth grade martial arts warrior. He has abundant vitality from head to toe, his strength is tyrannical, and his attacks aren’t something that fledgling martial arts cultivators can ward off!

As if afraid of getting his hands dirty, Ye Zhenying fished a white silk handkerchief from his sleeves and wiped his hand, and dropped it to the ground. He warned coldly, “Little bastard, listen very well. Your parents were sinners of the Ye Family, so are you. Do you understand? Furthermore, Hu Saner is my slave, how dare you beat him? I hope you’ve learned your lesson well today. Behave yourself!”

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