BMEC – Chapter 5.1: Round 5

Jing Sa and An Hui are friends of Duanmu Xiao Xiao, commonly known as her girlfriends.

The three met in the United States, studied in the same elementary school, were of similar age, and were all Chinese. Friendship was quickly established, all the way until the eighth grade of high school, all three were inseparable.

After that, An Hui’s father’s work was transferred. She and her parents returned to China. Jing Sa also returned to China with her mother because of the divorce of her parents. The three young partners were separated, leaving only Xiao Xiao living in the United States.

Two years ago, her father’s parents passed away for some reason. In order to let her parents return to their roots, she returned to China with her parents’ ashes. Since she was raised in the United States from childhood, she and her relatives in China are not familiar with each other. With her cold temper and her dislike to have dealings with strangers, two years had passed, but except for the Black Panther special forces team, she only communicated with Jing Sa and An Hui. 

Although the three had been separated for a long time, their friendship has been maintained and strengthened over the years with constant exchanges through emails and MSN.

Walking down memory lane, all three had aspired to be good police officers when they grow up. 

As a result, only Jing Sa became a police officer and the deputy captain of the Interpol Brigade of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, a first-level police inspector, and barely counted half a police officer. An Hui is the farthest from her dream as she entered the entertainment circle and became a female star.

Due to differences in their job descriptions, the three cannot meet frequently. So, they agreed that no matter how busy they are, they will meet at least once a month, and the meeting place will be arranged at Xiao Xiao’s house.

Recently, because of the piling cases of child kidnapping, Jing Sa was so busy that she has rarely hit home. Upon catching a breathing spell, she called An Hui and inquired of her location. An Hui herself was up to her ears, so she escaped from the studio secretly. The two bumped heads and rushed towards her house.

The common girlfriends’ night  is naturally indispensable for wine and snacks, but their  night is lacking any of these. In addition to mineral water, some fruits, and frozen food in her refrigerator, there will never be a fourth thing.

She never cooks, because she doesn’t cook at all.

She’s only capable of two things: first, put the fruit slices into the juicer to squeeze the juice, second, cook a pot of boiling water, and when it boils, throw the frozen dumplings or frozen noodles and cook them. 

Therefore, every time they meet, Jing Sa and An Hui would buy everything in the supermarket near Fu Di first before heading to Xiao Xiao’s house.

As soon as they arrived at the house, the two were exhausted and slumped paralyzed on the sofa, not wanting to move a muscle. Xiao Xiao has long been used to it, and instead frowned at the large package of junk food they brought in.

An Hui opened a plastic bag and took out a beer. She opened a can and threw another can to Jing Sa, who refused to drink it and instead downed a bottle of mineral water.

Jing Sa burped after a mouthful of water and shivered comfortably as if her whole body had gone alive once more. She took off the dark blue uniform with three four-pointed stars studs on the shoulders, and stretched his acid shoulders.

An Hui unwrapped the snacks in the plastic bag and spread them on the coffee table. She took out a packet of potato chips and shared it with Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao shook her head and sat beside them. She also took a sip of her bland mineral water, while Sesame curled quietly at her feet.

An Hui glared at her, “Just eat one piece, you won’t lose your figure!”

“It is high in calories and you can gain weight easily, especially you!”

For a woman in the entertainment industry, potato chips are definitely lethal junk food.

An Hui snapped, “Please, don’t remind me of it.”

Xiao Xiao’s retort was to pat her waist – 0 fats, no unwanted flab, super tight, 1.8.

An Hui stuffed a pinch of potato chips into her mouth and reluctantly put the others back. 

She wasn’t fat at all, and she too has a thin waist, but she could still squeeze a pinch of meat by twisting it hard with her hands.

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