(RPBT) The Reincarnated Princess Strikes down Flags Today

Original Title: 転生王女は今日も旗を叩き折る。

Reborn with the memories of the previous life, she was a princess in the world of otome games.

Oh, heroine’s rival? You must be joking. I have no intention of falling in love with that rotten creature! I don’t like him, who I like is a sub-character, the Captain of the Imperial Guards!

The protagonist, who was reborn as a high-spec sub-character in a high-spec kusoge, decided to break the rules that threaten her peace rather than being a capture target.

Dreaming of the day she’d be united with her long-loved Imperial Guard Captain, the reincarnated Princess plunged forward to the present. 


[Rosemary von Verphalt]
The main character of this story.
The first princess of the Nebel Kingdom.
(Game settings: Heroine’s Rival, 16 years old.)

[Christoph von Verphalt]
Rosemary’s older brother.
The first prince of the Nebel Kingdom.
(Game settings: Sub-character, deeply involved in Johann route, 19 years old)

[Johann von Verphalt]
Rosemary’s second brother.
The second prince of the Nebel Kingdom.(Game Settings: Capture Target/Siscon, 15 years old)

[George of Eigel]
The only son of the Marquis family.
Rosemary’s fiancée candidate.
(Game Settings: Capture Target/ Narcissistic, 18 years old)

[Julius of Eigel]
The younger brother of the head of the Eigel family.
George’s uncle, a merchant.
(Game Settings: A sub-character deeply involved in George route, 33 years old.)

[Leonhard von Orcein]
Later, he became the captain of the Imperial Guard Knights. 
Johan and Christoph’s swordmaster.
(Game Settings: A sub character deeply involved in Klaus route, 31 years old)

[Klaus von Behrmar]
A member of the Imperial Guard Knights.
Rosemary’s escort knight.
(Game Settings: Capture target / masochist 28 years old)

[Lutz Eirenberg]
Royal Palace mage apprentice
A genius who can manipulate magic with ice attributes. He was from an orphanage. 
(Game Settings: Capture target / corpse enthusiast, @ 19 years old)

[Theo Eilenberg]
Royal Palace mage apprentice.
Uses fire attribute magic. From an orphanage.
(Game Settings: a sub character who is deeply involved in Lutz route, @ 19 years old)
[Mikhail von Deebolt]
Second son of the Viscount family.
Apprentice of a Shinto priest at a Shinto Shrine. 
(Game settings: Capture target: Demon King @ 20 years old)

[Bianca von Deebolt]
The eldest daughter of the Viscount family and Mikhail’s older sister.
(Game settings: Sub character deeply involved in Mikhail route @ 21 years old)

A spy in the Nebel Kingdom.
(Game settings: Capture target / Gay @?Years old)

An employee at a restaurant in a remote village in Nebel.
(Game setting: Sub character who is deeply involved in Crow route @?years old)

Other Characters

(Nebel Kingdom)
[Randolph von Verphalt]
The current king of the Nebel Kingdom. Rosemary’s father.

[Irene von Altmann]
The chief mage of the Nebel Kingdom. Lutz and Theo’s mentor.

[Moritz of Eigel]
The current head of the Marquis Eigel family. George’s father.

[Emma of Eigel]

The Marchioness of the Eigel Family. George’s mother.

[Ernst von Riba.】 
Captain of the Border Patrol. An old friend of Leonhardt. 

[Isaak Wolter]
Deputy Commander of the Border Patrol.

(Vint Kingdom)
[Nacht von Elster]
The second prince of the Vint Kingdom. Johann’s friend.

[Richt von Elster]
Kingdom of Wind, the first prince.

[Wolf Kur Ryukka]
The next male chieftain of the Kur Tribe.

A Kur girl.

A Kur boy.

(Raptor Kingdom)
[Yulia von Merkle]
First Princess of the Raptor Kingdom. Currently studying in the Vint Kingdom.

Notes: This is a teaser only. Will be updating soon once I’ve finished with some chapters. Japanese is much harder, hum-hum

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