MYVD – Chapter 11.2: School Bully

Qiao Sheng pointed at a post above and frowned, “She has provoked Wei Zihang’s gang, and other brothers from Wei Zihang’s group wants to block her after school.”

At the mention of Wei Zihang, the crowd zipped their lips.

They glanced at Xu Yaoguang and dared not speak.

To find a man who can compete with Wei Zihang in First Middle School, it would be  Lin Jinxuan, who graduated two years ago.

And the other would be Xu Yaoguang.

Unfortunately, this cold school grass and top student, Xu Shao has long shown appreciation of the campus belle, Qin Yu. Furthermore, his impression of the  new school flower seemed poor and would definitely not help.

Qin Ran rested her chin against the wall while slouching on her seat, strands of hair were strewn on her forehead, shielding her eyes partly closed eyes and knitted brows.

At the end of the afternoon class, Lin Siran handed her notes to Qin Ran, and whispered, “Do you want to study them?”

Qin Ran stood up at the table and took it slowly.

She organized the notes then glanced at her deskmate with a grin, “Thanks, do you know where to buy books?”

“No thanks,” Lin Siran blushed again. Sure enough, her new deskmate only looks fierce, but she’s easy to get along with. “I’ll take you there.”

Qin Ran wanted to buy extra-curricular books, so Lin Siran accompanied her out of school.

And gave her a tour along the way.

“There’s someone in the school that you absolutely can’t mess with,” Lin Siran, is a performing student and is well informed of the goings on in the school. “Qin Yu from Class 1, before you, she was crowned the school campus belle.”

Qin Ran inserted her hand in her pocket and clasped her mobile phone in the other hand. She merely raised a brow on her warning.

“Qin Yu is the Lin family. She is very powerful. She is among the top five in the school, beautiful, and skilled in the violin. During noon training every day, many students go to visit her. Most importantly, Xu Shao is covering for her,” Lin Siran lowered her voice. “Some girls who picked on Qin Yu before were all cleaned up by Xu Shao.”

The two talked as they walked outside the school.

When the senior high school students were dismissed from their classes, it was already evening. Many students have already hurried home and the road was quite deserted.

Not far away. 

“Qin Yu, I heard your brother is back.” Qiao Sheng held a cigarette he lit himself and smiled.

Most used to call her Qin Xiaohua, but Qin Yu faced this change in stride, “En.”

Xu Yaoguang stood by her side, and although he was still aloof, his attitude was much milder.

Qiao Sheng laughed. “I want to have half of your brother, so I won’t have to beg my dad for pocket money.”

He puffed on his cigarette, and before he could look up, he heard a piercing roar of a locomotive.

He rubbed his ears, while scampering away with a “fuck” as the thunder stormed past them.

The cars pulled over not far away circling two figures.

Headed by the sleek fiery red car.

That thin and proud back they blocked was particularly familiar.

Qin Yu took a step back, she lowered her eyes, “Wei Zihang is in front, shall we take another route?”

Xu Yaoguang frowned. There were two girls facing away in front of them. He couldn’t see their faces, but the thin shadow of one back remained proud.

There was no need for him to speak, because Qiao Sheng responded, “Qin Yu, leave first. If a fight breaks out here later, it won’t be good if you’re caught in the middle.”

Qiao Sheng took a detour to send her off.

Qin Yu glanced at Xu Yaoguang. He seemed unaffected by the chaos in front of him. His eyebrows were still calm, so she was relieved, “My driver is over there, I’ll go back first,” she paused and added, “You should head back soon, too.”

Qin Yu got into the car, but the driver didn’t drive immediately, instead, he hesitantly blurted, “Miss, in front, that’s …”

“It’s nothing, I’m hungry. Go back soon.” Qin Yu smiled with her head tilted back. 

The driver immediately steered the wheel and drove away.

Within that blockade, Lin Siran paled as she sneaked a peek at the cars, while gripping Qin Ran’s hand.

“Yeah …” Her eyes bored into the man across sitting in the fiery red car and met narrowed eyes that were blazing as if ready for his meal. Her voice tightened and her palms began to sweat. “He’s the school bully.”

Lin Siran was shivering in fright, but then a low chuckle echoed behind her.


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