FMYM – Chapter 11: For no rhyme or reason, how did the teenager get along with Ming Ru?

It never occured to Bo Jiazi that her hand would reach out into empty air. 

Because the teenager directly bypassed her and approached a figure behind her.

And then came the magnetic voice of the teenager: “Miss Ming, isn’t it?”

When Bo Jiazi swiveled around astounded, it was in time to see Ming Ru picking up the rose from the teenager’s hand while gracefully curtsying to the young man: “Thank you for the flower!”

Then, Bo Jiazi, who was confident on their relationship as friends, was told off by her: “Jiazi, every visitor is a guest. My brother will be coming any minute, don’t be rude!”

That’s right, her good friend’s tone smells not only of superiority in receiving a flower, but also of a covert warning. 

Which annoyed Bo Jiazi to no end. 

But in front of Ming Ru, she would never dare show it. Bo Jiazi is all too aware that her relationship with Ming Ru wasn’t only limited to superficial friendship, but involves the interests of the Bo and Ming Families. 

Hence, the farce between the teenager and Bo Jiazi, who vowed Gu Zifan to squash him just ended up with the phrase: “I know!”

Of course, in the course of saying this, Bo Jiazi’s eyes landed on the teenager as if she couldn’t wait to chop her into a sashimi.

But, the teenager didn’t take Bo Jiazi’s piercing glare to heart at all.

It must be known, she was able to ascend and wield power as the heir of the Peng Family relying only on her own wrists. The rivals of the conqueror are of course proportional. People who can’t wait to squeeze the teenager into a sashimi are a lot. 

If the teenager were to be scared by every person like that, how tiring would it be?

So, in the following moments, the teenager brazenly chatted with Ming Ru in front of Bo Jiazi. 

Compared to a green tea bitch like Bo Jiazi, the teenager still prefers this kind of sheltered miss, whose heart and mind are as white as paper. 

So much that, when chatting with Ming Ru, the teenager’s voice softened a little, unconsciously shoving the naive and innocent Ming Ru into the dainty and delicate type of girl. 

And on the flipside, the teenager’s tenderness made Ming Ru feel good. More importantly, this teenager is not the same as other people who pursue her, always inquiring about Ming Yu. Instead, he regaled her with some interesting stories in Country M.

“Gu Shao, you know so much about Country M, did you study in Country M?”

Ming Ru became interested in the teenager, and intended to know deeper about him, so she asked.

Faced with this question, the teenager didn’t answer immediately and instead took a sip from his coffee with a smile. 

That’s right, the teenager also realized that he had just inadvertently revealed too much about country M. As far as he knows, the original Gu Yuan Xi has never been to Country M!

So whether he answers yes or no at this time, it would be easy to make people doubt. This is really a headache …

Fortunately, Peng Jiao appeared at the crucial moment.

“Yuan Xi, come here. Ming Shao is here, let’s say hello to him!” Peng Jiao reminded.

“Miss Ming, excuse me …”

The teenager is in a hurry to take this opportunity to escape from the questioning just now.

Without warning, Ming Ru came forward and put her hand on the teenager’s arm: “My brother is here and I just wanted to say hello to him. Gu Shao, do you mind walking with me?”

Ming Ru’s initiative startled the teenager. 

Peng Jiao on the side quizzed the teenager with her eyes, as if asking what’s going on? For no rhyme or reason, how did the teenager get along with Ming Ru? Moreover, it looks like it’s going out of hand …


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