EP – Chapter 225: Why did he hit you

In the front seat, neither the driver nor Zhou Tao dared to turn around, but they were as silent as cicadas. The air is too scary.



On the steps.

Ning Xiaofei removed her hand, only to see a red blood spot on her palm, and then the blood dripped down and fell on her knee.

She quickly used the handkerchief given by Zhou Tao to hold down the bleeding on her right nostril. She stretched out one hand to pull out her backpack and take out some tissue.  

One hand working is inevitably a bit laborious. While struggling with the bag, sudden footsteps sounded then a pair of feet with black boots stood in front of her. And then, somebody handed her a handkerchief with a white cloth and a blue grid.     

“No … no, I have tissue in my bag, thank you!” Ning Xiaofei raised her face gratefully, and touched Xicheng’s handsome face, secretly surprised, “Xicheng?”            

Seeing her palms and face bloodied, Xicheng’s brows furled. When he wanted to stuff the handkerchief in her palms again, his eyes caught a glimpse of her heels. He crouched down and slowly put them on her feet, “What happened?”

Ning Xiaofei took over the shoes and put them by herself. “Nothing, I accidentally fell!”         

He noticed that the security guard and the passing pedestrians are looking at them curiously. Xicheng reached out and helped her up, then held Ning Xiaofei’s arm in one hand to support her.     

“No, I can stand by myself.”       

“People are looking at us!”

Ning Xiaofei glanced around and sure enough, even the guard was paying attention and was giving them the “I caught you” eyes.

Afraid that they would recognize Xicheng, she could not refuse anymore, so she had to follow him down the steps and return to the car.                           

Xicheng rummaged for a box in the backseat, where he found some wet wipes and handed them to her.

With one hand on her nose, Ning Xiaofei wiped the bloodstains on her knee with a wet wipe.  

There were also blood stains from the back of her hands, which looked totally scary against her white skin.

Taking everything in his eyes, Xicheng’s eyebrows became more and more wrinkled, “Why did he hit you?”  

Ning Xiaofei glanced, guessing that he saw everything just now, and she shook her head, “No, it’s because I wasn’t careful, it’s not his fault.”   

“I’ve seen everything, he obviously hit you, but you’re still helping him cover it up?” Xicheng frowned, his voice rose angrily, “Is it because of the news?”              

When Xu Yang left with orders to buy her a mobile phone, Xicheng kept staring at the door in the car in fear that she would miss her leaving.                          

Of course, he clearly saw how Ning Xiaofei came chasing out. It’s just that he couldn’t make out what’s going on in the distance. Thinking that it’s her personal affairs, he didn’t move in the car.    

Later, Ning Xiaofei was left squatting on the steps alone, and the situation didn’t seem right, so he went over and looked worriedly.  

In connection to Mu Tianye’s help, it wasn’t difficult for Xicheng to guess that their relationship wasn’t ordinary.

“No, no, don’t get me wrong.” Ning Xiaofei waved her hands quickly, “It really has nothing to do with him, he … he didn’t mean it.”

“Humph!” Xicheng snorted softly. “If it wasn’t intentional, how did you end up like this?”                                                                

Ning Xiaofei was speechless.     

Coincidentally, Xu Yang returned after buying the mobile phone, and opened the door to see Ning Xiaofei, whose face was covered with blood. He was shocked.          

“Miss Ning, what happened?”        

“I fell!” Ning Xiaofei hurriedly covered everything up, and then grabbed the wipes on her legs. “Then I will go first, sorry for the trouble.”             

As soon as she reached for the door, Xicheng’s hand reached out and grabbed her arm.

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