SWPF – Chapter 76: Breathtaking

“Uhmm, Yi, I need to send out our guests first.” Fang Chenze didn’t want to stay with them any longer, it was very embarrassing.

He doesn’t want to hear something he shouldn’t.

Just now, he resisted the urge to make a rejoinder. The man didn’t like you for six years.

Huo Jinchen had always only called her Miss Chen. If he fancied her a bit, he would have made a move long before without waiting till now.

“Xinzi jie, what’s the point of your drinking like this? What’s the point? Will San Ge start caring? There are more women who like him, and had it worse than you. However, San Ge just cares about Lu Xingzhi.

He Lian Yi finished with a heavy blunt blow , “Even if you’re wasted here today, it won’t matter to him. He still likes Lu Xingzhi. It won’t change because of you.”

Chen Xinzi grabbed another glass of wine with tears still rolling down her cheeks. What else can I do, getting myself drunk can at least help  me numb the pain. Just what’s so good about Lu Xingzhi, they’ve only known each other for a short time, but he’s smitten with her. Is it because she’s more beautiful? Do I really look that bad?”

He Lian Yi was struck dumb and didn’t know how to better answer Chen Xinzi’s question. “Xinzi jie, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are also beautiful. You’re also worth a second look. You’re distinctive from Lu Xingzhi’s breathtaking appearance. What’s more, you’re talented and someone who has performed solo concerts. You are a pianist and you’re one of the best.”

What He Lian Yi missed to say was that apart from being breathtaking, Lu Xingzhi is the type, who the more you know, the better she is. 

“But why doesn’t San Ge like me?”

He Lian Yi, “…”

He doesn’t want to say more. 

Over the years, he has said enough.

He thinks that the person who deserves Huo Jinchen best is Chen Xinzi, but this is merely his own opinion. His San Ge doesn’t like her!


The day before school starts ushered the banquet that Huo Jinchen made mention before, where he needs Lu Xingzhi as his partner.

The formal dress that Huo Jinchen prepared for her for the party was also bought. 

In the morning, Lu Xingzhi was summoned by the makeup artist hired by Huo Jinchen and the torment began. 

While applying her makeup, the makeup artist complimented, “Mrs. Huo, your skin is really clear. You don’t need any makeup at all, I’ll give you only minimal makeup.”

The makeup artist admired her skin. It’s wonderfully tender, white and delicate.

She only drew Lu Xingzhi’s eyeliner and brushed her mascara to make her eyes look more exotic and offer a more charming outline.

Then she added a thin layer of blush and a teak-colored lipstick.

These cosmetics are the best that Huo Jinchen bought for Lu Xingzhi. The makeup artist even felt that she didn’t play much role.

When her makeup was done, Lu Xingzhi changed into her gown. 

Huo Jinchen didn’t just buy her one, but many. In the end, Lu Xingzhi opted for a long golden-yellow off-shoulder dress with a tulle layer and somewhat glittering diamond splinters at the top.

When she appeared in front of Huo Jinchen dressed formally with makeup on, and five centimeters of high heels, Huo Jinchen’s eyes were utterly spellbound.

She’s deadly angelic with that dress on. 

Lu Xingzhi walked awkwardly. Though when she looked at herself in the mirror, she too was blown away. 

However, she has never been so dressed dazzlingly.

An enigmatic affectionate smile brightened Huo Jinchen’s eyes. 

He walked towards Lu Xingzhi and caressed her neck, “There’s something missing here.”

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