TOCH – Chapter 408: Chixia is gone

Fang Chixia whitened in fright and took a few steps reflexively, trying to avoid it, but she slipped under her feet.

The mountain trail was originally narrow and steep and the road she was on was next to a slope.

As a result, she tumbled and rolled down the sloped.

“Ah!” Her scream echoed throughout the mountain range, but was muffled by the sound of gunfire from the shooting range, no one heard it.

The behemoth crouched at the place where she fell, stared at the direction she disappeared for a while, howled twice, before swinging his body towards the villa.

When he reached the entrance to the villa, Qing Muchen came out.

When he saw him, the majestic behemoth rolled like a domestic pet and was docile in an instant.

He curled at his feet, biting and pulling his trousers, while rubbing his face against his leg.

“Blackcurrant, where have you been? Did you scare someone again?” Qing Muchen crouched down and stroked his head lovingly.

Blackcurrant was a Rottweiler and Qing Muchen’s pet. It was given to him by Qing Yafeng when he turned eighteen, and has been with him ever since.

His hobbies are unique. Like his father, he doesn’t like being meek and is mad about scaring other creatures. This Rottweiler is one of a kind.

Blackcurrant has been well-trained, but now he was biting and pulling his trousers then walking away, as if trying to lead him somewhere.

However, before they could head out to the mountains, Tong Yan suddenly called “Brother, I’ll bake you something, where are you?”

“All right, Blackcurrant, go back.” Qing Muchen didn’t want Tong Yan searching for him so he pulled Blackcurrant back to the villa.

The festivity in the villa continued.

Luo Yibei and Shi Jinyang were at the shooting range, while Tong Yan followed Shi Luo to bake some food.

Her roast was half-done when she saw Qing Muchen. She asked casually, “Where has Xia Xia gone?”

“Maybe, she’s upstairs!” Shi Luo answered.

Tong Yan thought that she was resting in the lounge.

Until dark, and it was dinner time.

Luo Yibei stepped out of the shooting range and scanned the people around. Without seeing Fang Chixia, his eyes darkened heavily. “Where is she?”

“I’ll look for her upstairs!” Tong Yan put down what’s in her hands, turned around, and ran upstairs.

Luo Yibei circled the villa without seeing her. He wanted to go out when Blackcurrant ran in front of him.

“What’s wrong?” Luo Yibei looked down and tried to walk past him, but Blackcurrant bit his trousers and refused to let go.

Luo Yibei was now in a hurry to find Fang Chixia. He was a bit worried so how would he care about a dog?

He kicked him off with one foot and wanted to continue walking, but Blackcurrant bit his trousers again.

He looked at him with eyes bright and sparkly, as if pleading guilty but at the same time innocence.

“Did you do something?” Luo Yibei suddenly stared at him sharply.

Blackcurrant shook his head and drooped low, as if scared of him.

His flinching confirmed Luo Yibei’s conjecture.

“Lead the way!” He glanced coldly at him, and walked back to the hill.

Blackcurrant’s huge body followed closely, taking the lead in front of him, and trotting to where Fang Chixia had fallen earlier.

1 thought on “TOCH – Chapter 408: Chixia is gone”

  1. I thought it’s a wild animal , I’m glad is someones pet and the dog is so smart to call for help ….. Thanks for the update orex5 chapter please 🙂 🙂 🙂


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